5 Reasons Boaters Are Switching to Stationary Boat Docks in 2021
5 Reasons Boaters Are Switching to Stationary Boat Docks in 2021


When the calendar turned to 2021, boaters across the world started thinking of changes they’d like to make for the new year. Many decided to celebrate the new year by switching to stationary boat docks. There are lots of reasons to choose a stationary boat dock, but five stand out. Learn more about the benefits of stationary boat docks and commit to making the switch in 2021.

1)    Stationary Boat Docks Offer a Place to Gather

People spent most of 2020 isolated and sheltering in place. They didn’t get to spend much time with friends and family members outside of their households, and they are ready to cater to their social sides in 2021. Because of that, many are switching to stationary boat docks. The stability these docks provide makes them the ideal spot for hosting gatherings by the water. If you make the switch, you can invite your friends and family to sunbathe and have some fun on your boat dock before hitting the water.  

2)    Keep the Dock in the Water During Severe Weather Events

Tornados and flash floods can wreak havoc on floating docks, but they pale in comparison to hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season in 2020 was so busy that the World Meteorological Organization made it through the regular list of names by September. Last year’s hurricane season was a wake-up call for boaters. They realize that floating docks don’t stand a chance against the harsh winds and rising waters that significant storms cause, so they are turning to stationary boat docks. These docks are designed to stay in place against harsh weather, so boaters don’t have to put their docks into storage every time they see a storm cloud.

3)    Stationary Docks Last Longer

Many people went into 2021 with the idea of getting more for their money. You can stretch your money further by purchasing items that last. With that in mind, many people are upgrading to stationary docks in 2021. Unlike floating docks that are always submerged in water, stationary docks have a chance to dry off when the water levels go down. The time outside of the water slows down the aging process, so your dock will last longer. You can use the money you save over the lifetime of the dock to upgrade your boat, buy fun accessories, and so much more. 

4)    Stationary Boat Docks Make It Easier to Go Boating

Boaters spent much of 2020 reliving the fond memories of past boating trips. However, one thing tended to stick out when they took the stroll down memory lane – getting in and out of the boat. People with floating docks tend to have negative memories about making the transition from the dock to the boat and back again, especially if the dock is in a high-traffic area. Each wave causes floating docks to move, making the transfer from the dock to the boat and back again very difficult. Some people have even wiped out when trying to get into or out of their boats.

Whether you have wiped out or not, you have to admit that it would be nice to walk right over to your boat and get in without trying to stay on your feet. That’s a great reason to switch to a stationary boat dock in 2021.

5)    You Don’t Have to Worry About Low Water Levels

Boaters have watched water levels fluctuate a great deal over the last decade. Floating docks move up and down based on water levels, and that’s not all smooth sailing for the owners. If the water levels get too low, the floats might puncture, meaning the dock will have to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, that’s not a problem with stationary docks. No matter how low the water level gets, stationary docks can continue to perform. You can even adjust the dock for the water height if you wish. Because water levels are getting increasingly inconsistent, many people are going to switch to stationary docks in 2021.

How to Switch to a Stationary Boat Dock

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