Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Boat Dock :  Tommy Docks
Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Boat Dock : Tommy Docks


Boat docks are designed to be long-lasting, but they don’t last forever. Because of that, you need to watch for signs that it’s time to replace your dock. Replacing your boat dock at the right time will keep you, your loved ones, and your boat safe. Plus, your new boat dock will give you the perfect reason to escape to the water for some fun in the sun. Go over some signs that you need to replace your boat dock, and if any of them look familiar, start shopping today.

Foundation Damage

Foundation damage is a serious safety risk that must be addressed. If you notice cracks or other problems with the underwater foundation, you should replace the boat dock immediately. Treat the dock as a safety hazard until it’s replaced, meaning no one should walk on it. Once you get your new dock, you can resume your boating and lounging activities.

Rusted Areas

If your boat dock contains any metal, it might eventually start to rust. You can repair small rust spots with ease, but if rust has started to take over the dock, it’s time to replace it. Rust can corrode the dock and create structural problems. That means the dock might eventually collapse. If it collapses, someone might get hurt, and your boat might float away. Replace your dock before you have to deal with a serious problem.

Rotten Wood

If you have a wooden dock, the material could begin to rot over time. Rotten wood is similar to rust. If only a small area has rotted, you can repair it instead of replacing your dock. However, if large sections have rotted, you should replace the entire dock. When you upgrade your dock, consider choosing composite or aluminum if you’ve had a problem with rotting and rust in the past. Composite and aluminum don’t rot like wood, and they aren’t prone to rust. That makes both good options if you’re looking for a low-maintenance boat dock.

Cracks in the Wood

It’s possible to get cracks in the wood without any wood rot. If you have a crack or two, you can repair the dock, but if it’s a widespread problem, it’s time to get a new boat dock. Widespread cracks are a sign that your dock has reached the end of its lifespan. The cracks will continue to pile up, and soon, your dock will be full of cracks that could damage the structural integrity.

Posts Can’t Be Firmly Planted

Do you currently have a permanent boat dock system with posts? The posts need to be planted at least four feet deep to provide enough stability for the system. Erosion can prevent you from planting your posts deep enough, creating a stability issue. If that happens, you should change to a floating boat dock without posts.

Your Boat Dock Has Turned into a Petri Dish

When you first got your boat dock, you likely spent lots of time cleaning it. You would even make trips to the lake to clean it when you were using your boat or dock. However, when the newness wore off, you might have stopped being as vigilant about cleaning it. When you don’t clean your dock enough, it can become a landing spot for algae, mildew, and more. If it’s gotten to the point that you can’t properly clean it, you should upgrade your boat dock. Otherwise, your boat dock will begin to rot. Also, the moss and mildew are slipping and falling hazards, making your boat deck less safe.

You’ve Outgrown the Boat Dock

You might have started with a smaller boat when you installed your boat dock. Now, though, you have a bigger boat, and your current dock can’t accommodate it. Even if your boat dock is in good shape, you need to upgrade to a larger dock for your new boat. Choosing an appropriately sized dock will make it much easier to moor your boat at the end of a trip down the lake. Also, you will have more space to hang out on the docks with your friends and family.

How to Upgrade Your Boat Dock

Upgrading your boat dock is a breeze with Tommy Docks. With floating and non-floating dock options, you can find what you need. Browse through the boat dock kits and place your order. Then, you can set it up yourself and start using your new dock. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about replacing your dock again for years and years since Tommy Docks products are built to las t. 

Tommy Docks is your source for stationary boat docks, boat dock hardware, accessories, and more. If you’re ready to take your dock to the next level for next season, contact us today.

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