COAST Inflatable Dock ( 6.5' x 13' x 7.5" )

Tommy DocksSKU: TDCST-100

Sale price$699.00

Effortless Water Fun with Tommy Docks' Inflatable Dock

  • Rugged Durability: Beyond ordinary inflatables, our dock withstands repeated use with robust construction. Think 10-15 PSI resilience, resistance to wear, and pet-friendly toughness.
  • User-Friendly Handles: Positioned for convenience, these handles ensure easy reboarding and hassle-free transport post-inflation.
  • Safety-First Surface: Designed with a non-slip texture, our dock guarantees a secure, barefoot-friendly experience for all ages.
  • EVA Enhanced Comfort: Enjoy a gentle, enduring surface thanks to the EVA finish, safeguarded against UV, water, and thermal damage.
  • Compact Storage: Hassle-free deflation and folding make our swim platform a breeze to store, with cold-resistant materials for any season.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: Strike a balance between tough functionality and stylish design, perfect for upscale relaxation on the water.
  • Versatile Pump Options: Comes with both a hand pump and electric pump, catering to your convenience.

Product Number: TDCST-100
UPC: 724785900033

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