Common Dock Repairs for the 2021 Boating Season
Common Dock Repairs for the 2021 Boating Season


You can’t help but feel excited about the 2021 boating season. It’s going to be a great year, but first, you’ll probably need to handle some stationary dock repairs. Let’s go over some common stationary boat dock repairs for the 2021 season. You can then examine your boat dock and see if you need to address any of these issues.   

Replace Dock Hardware

Boat dock hardware such as corner brackets, screws, and support braces can rust and get damaged over time. Eventually, you could end up with stripped screws and compromised metal parts that need replacing. Most boaters didn’t get out on the water as much in 2020, so they aren’t sure if their dock hardware is in good shape or not. When they reach the dock for the first time, they might discover some boat dock hardware that needs to be replaced. Fortunately, most people can handle this themselves. They need to order the appropriate dock hardware and can make the changes without calling a professional.

Replace Damaged Dock Sections

Many boaters will visit their docks in 2021, only to discover that a section of the wood is damaged. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace your stationary boat dock if this happens to you. Instead, you can replace the section. You can purchase a boat dock panel and then add it to your existing dock. It’s easy to find panels that match your existing dock, so no one will know that you had to repair it.

Remember that if you need to replace several panels, it might be time to replace your boat dock. That’s a sign that your dock is at the end of its lifespan, so replacing it can be more cost-effective.

Replace Boat Dock Bumpers

Expect to see lots of people replacing their boat dock bumpers in 2021. Bumpers are essentially fenders for docks. They soften the blow if your boat collides with the dock, preventing damage such as gashes or holes. Boat damage is quite expensive to fix, so it makes more sense to get a bumper. Boat dock bumpers can last anywhere from a few years to a decade but will eventually start to wear down. When cracks or dents appear in a bumper, it’s time to replace it. Then you won’t have to worry about damaging your boat if it connects with the stationary boat dock. Like dock sections and hardware, you can replace the bumper yourself. It’s a pretty straightforward process so that you can complete the project quickly.

Dock Piling Repairs

Boaters are also expected to spend some time repairing pilings before the 2021 season. This is especially true for boaters who are still using wood pilings. Marine organisms like chewing on the wood, and it’s not unusual for wood pilings to rot. If your pilings are in bad shape, they might need to be replaced. If not, you can consider adding a piling bumper to provide additional protection. Then you can preserve your dock pilings, so they last for years to come.

What if You Can’t Repair Your Boat Dock?

Many boaters can repair their stationary docks, but sometimes, repairs aren’t enough. If you find yourself having to replace too many sections or the structural integrity has been compromised, you should replace your dock instead of repairing it. That might sound like a big job, but you can get a do-it-yourself dock package. These user-friendly stationary dock packages make upgrading a breeze. They are also long-lasting, so you won’t have to replace your dock for quite some time as long as you keep up with maintenance and repairs.

Get What You Need for Your Stationary Boat Dock

Once you finish your stationary boat dock repairs, you’ll be ready to enjoy the best boating season yet. Tommy Docks has everything you need to repair your dock. You can find dock hardware, non-floating dock sections, boat dock bumpers, and heavy-duty dock piling bumpers. You can also purchase new pilings if you need to replace your existing ones or upgrade to a new dock with a complete dock package. With so many options, Tommy Docks is the only company you’ll need to get your dock ready this season. Start shopping online or contact Tommy Docks to learn how we can provide you with what you need for 2021 and beyond. When you combine your love of boating with our love of boating docks, it’s easy to have the season of your dreams.

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