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The shipping cost will vary depending on order weight and shipping distance.

All online orders ship by either parcel or LTL. Most dock packages ship LTL common carrier. For alternative shipping arrangements, please contact our Customer Service Department

Most small parcel orders are shipped within a few business days. LTL order lead times may vary throughout the year depending on demand. Once an LTL order ships, it can take up to 14 days to deliver.

Please click here to see the standard Tommy Docks warranty.

Product and Installation

As the Tommy Docks system is essentially a free standing structure, ice build up around the dock can damage the dock. This is especially true if the ice rises into the dock from underneath or if windy conditions in the Spring time of the year cause the ice to move around. Therefore, the rule of thumb is if there is ice on the water body, the dock should be removed.

Natural cedar for the dock frame and the deck boards is highly recommended. Natural cedar is also light in weight which makes installation and removal of the dock sections fast and easy!

We strongly advise against using treated wood for dock building. Other than being harmful to the environment, the boards will crack and splinter severely over a relatively short time.

For the finest protection of your cedar dock we recommend WoodRx stains and sealers

Tommy Docks components are offered in “normal” duty or “heavy” duty configurations. The normal duty post diameter components are ideal for most installations. The heavy duty post diameter components are generally recommended for installations involving deep water installation, heavy boat traffic, strong currents, or prevailing windy conditions.

No, Tommy Docks hardware isn't meant to be used in brackish or salt waters. 

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