Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Boat Dock
Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Boat Dock


Meteorological Spring is here and that means it’s time to start thinking about getting back on the water. It might not quite be time to launch your boat from the shore, but it is a good time to get thinking about some spring cleaning. 

Just like inside the home, your dock and waterfront might not get the attention they need during the winter. That said, it’s not impossible to start prepping for spring and summer now by taking time to do some cleaning for the upcoming season. 

Here are some spring cleaning tips for your boat dock you can start working on right away.

Eye on Algae - Cleaning Off Grime and Slime

After a winter in the water, your boat dock likely hosts a variety of slimy and grimy substances. One of the most common is algae, which can make it really hard to walk on your dock because of its slippery coating. If someone walks on your dock and it’s slippery, they could get hurt. That’s why it’s best to start cleaning off your dock from these substances now. 

Make sure to use a simple hose to spray off any substances you’re wanting to clear. You might find that dirt and dust accumulated as well. If you ignore these things, it can start to wear down your dock faster than you’d like. Simply spray it off and start eyeing a few other areas of spring cleaning your boat dock can use.

How To Clean Different Dock Materials

If you have a wood dock, you can’t clean it the same way as a pressure treated wood or aluminum decking. Natural wood responds much better to straight water than other materials. Pressure washers are a great tool to own if you don’t already, plus you can rent them from local hardware stores. 

Plenty of dock cleaners are on the market as well, but it’s easier than you think to make your own cleaning solution. Wood decking responds well to a mixture of hot water, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Scrub the dock with your cleaning brush and simply watch the grime drift away.

For example, a floating dock that has decking made out of unpainted, untreated, natural wood needs to be cleaned differently than a dock with decking that is made out of pressure treated wood.

When you’re looking at the aluminum decking options you might have on your property, the cleaning solution is even simpler. Mix hot water and baking soda together to clean your aluminum decking. Hydrogen Peroxide is too harsh for these materials and can cause damage down the road. Speaking of damage, what if your dock is looking worse for wear after a long winter?

Time to Upgrade Your Boat Dock

If you go to clean your boat dock and realize that it’s just way past its prime, then it might be the year to install a new boat dock. Tommy Docks’ Complete Boat Dock Packages are just that - the complete package made to simplify the installation and planning of a new dock. 

From wood docks to aluminum finishes that look as good as you could ever dream, your options are endless with DIY docks and pre-designed constructions that can fit your property. Be sure to reach out with any questions you might have about your new dock! 

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