Properly Cleaning Your Boat Dock - Are You Doing it Right
Properly Cleaning Your Boat Dock - Are You Doing it Right


Even if you’ve owned a waterfront property for a long time now, there are likely still things you’re learning each year. A great thing to cover now before we hit the heart of Spring and Summer is the way that you clean your boat dock. 

Properly cleaning your boat dock isn’t just about keeping things looking good. You also want to ensure that you’re keeping your guests safe and making consistent efforts to protect your property and the money you put into it. So, if you’re doubting how you clean your dock, here’s how to get it done right.

Reasons to Review Properly Cleaning Your Dock

Keeping a dock clean in the proper way is vastly important. In fact, many assume it just means washing it a few times every now and then for the sake of keeping up appearances. There are actually many benefits to properly cleaning your boat dock.

Firstly, a clean boat dock is a safe boat dock. If you don’t clean your dock properly, it can easily become a safety hazard and lead to guests slipping, falling through into the water, or even hurting themselves on damaged boards and parts of the dock. Make sure that you’re keeping everyone safe by cleaning your dock properly. 

Additionally, keeping a dock clean is all about ensuring you are doing what you can to uphold the value of your dock and property. If your dock is worse for wear, it might take more than cleaning which we can definitely help you with as well. For those not in the market for buying a new boat dock, cleaning your dock properly is the best way to uphold the value of your property.

So, we know why it’s important - but how do you actually do it?

Steps to Properly Clean a Boat Dock

The first thing to do to properly clean your dock is to inspect it fully. Look for issues with the boards, the warping that occurs with older materials, or other issues that might point to a safety hazard. Once you find that your dock isn’t in terrible condition, then you can move on. If it is, it’s time to look into getting a new one. 

Cleaning solutions are not all created equal. You’re going to want to use a gentle cleaner that doesn’t have a harsh chemical formula to it. Scrubbing your dock with harsh chemicals won’t clean it - it will actually damage it. Next, make sure you’re scrubbing with a soft brush, particularly one that can reach every part of the dock.

Pressure washing is definitely a great thing to do as well if you have access to one. Low pressure is recommended if you’re using natural wood, but you can use something with a higher PSI if you have an aluminum dock. Plus, those wood docks bring up another element to consider: staining! Stains and sealants are certainly a great way to protect your dock if you’re looking for added longevity.

If you’re looking for more information on dock maintenance and even brand new dock constructions to consider buying for 2022, then look no further than our website.

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