How to Safely Store a Kayak
How to Safely Store a Kayak


As you begin to outfit your dock with more and more accessories, you’ll likely start exploring new ways to have fun on the water. One of the most popular activities in recent years has been a booming area for outdoor adventure: kayaking!

If you buy a kayak as opposed to renting one, then you’ll definitely need to store it safely. When it comes to kayak storage, you have some different options as to what makes the most sense in terms of kayak security and convenience. Depending on your waterfront property, you have a few different ways to approach this task! 

Here are some ideas of how to safely store a kayak.

Can You Store a Kayak Outside?

One thing many worries about when they buy a kayak is how they’ll store it. Simply put, you don’t have to find a place to store your kayak inside. If you’re short on garage space, here are a few ideas.

Firstly, many use a shed to store things near the water. That said, they aren’t always the most attractive option and take up lots of space on your property. That’s why some go for kayak stands. The only drawback with these is that you can buy some that don’t safely secure your kayak. On the one hand, the stand isn’t always secured to the ground, meaning it can blow away in severe weather. Otherwise, there’s the concern of someone taking your kayak if it’s not safely secured into a single space. So what’s the best option?

Best Options for Safely Storing a Kayak

Overall, the things you want to look for in safely storing a kayak include:

  • A safe, secure place to hold the kayak
  • A space-saving solution that doesn’t add a bunch of things to your yard
  • A storage solution specifically designed for kayaks, not general stands or racks that might not fit
  • Most importantly: something that takes the stress out of your kayak’s safety but is also easy to use when returning or taking your kayak

With all of these options, the best solution we know of is definitely a kayak rack. These racks are actually varying in size and structure, but our favorite goes right on your dock for easy launching!

Dock Storage for Kayaks and Watercraft Vehicles

The best option you have for convenience and security is a kayak rack that goes right onto your dock! Techstar Kayak and Paddle Board Racks are great options that secure your kayak to a safe place to rest outside but also keep them right on the water for use! 

There’s not much we can say isn’t perfect about this scenario. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you install the rack properly, but that’s easy with the step-by-step instructions offered by Techstar. Pick up a kayak rack today and set yourself up with a great spring and summer of on-water action with your kayak. 

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