Extending Your Docks Life in Four Easy Ways
Extending Your Docks Life in Four Easy Ways


Let’s say you’re less than 10 years into the life of your current dock. When it comes to keeping things in tip-top shape, there’s a lot you can control. If you’re looking to keep your wood in good condition or upkeep your aluminum dock, here are four things you can do.

Inspect Your Dock At Least Three Times a Year

Inspecting your dock doesn’t mean simply looking at it and saying “all good.” Instead, take three times each year to make sure you really investigate if you’re starting to see any sort of damage or decay that’s beyond normal wear. The best way to break this up is usually to do one full inspection at the beginning of the waterfront season, one in the middle, and one near the end when you’re ready to pack it in for winter. Take time to address single parts that might need attention that you can replace to ensure further damage doesn’t take place. 

Pressure Washing - A Dock Owner’s Best Friend

When you’re looking to clean your dock, you’re not just battling grime and dirt. You’re also hoping to remove any pending build-ups of algae and other tough substances that can end up eating into your dock. Aluminum docks are more durable than wood, but they’re also susceptible to rust and other unique issues. That’s why a pressure washer is the best way to battle these concerns. A well-targeted pressure wash once a year can really help to fight those concerns that seemingly come out of nowhere when you’re not on top of things. 

Be Aware When Using Your Dock

Sometimes, we get so excited about boating season or other outdoor activities that we completely forget to act carefully during our time on the dock. That doesn’t mean anyone just breaks their dock or causes damage on purpose. That said, we can get a little too relaxed with things like not overloading our dock with people, taking care with what footwear is used on the dock, and other elements of upkeep. Don’t forget - some of the best ways to extend your dock’s life is to not just use it as a mindless platform and to truly treat it like a part of your property.

Severe Weather Reminders

Lastly, the upkeep of your dock is in your control, but severe weather isn’t. We can’t control the storms and winds that come with spring and summer but we can prepare our dock and property to protect it. Move things like dock parts (railings, benches, accessories) inside so they don’t cause further damage during the storm. You’re not always thinking that a storm will turn severe so a good tactic is to really try and put things away as often as possible, even if it’s a bit annoying to pull it all out again the next time you hit the water. 

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