How to Use and Install Boat Dock Bumpers

You’ve just installed your brand-new dock and are delighted with it. Then the first time you bring your boat back, the worst happens. You slightly misjudge the distance, and bam! The side of your boat is scratched, and it’s taken a piece out of your dock.

If this is a scenario you’d rather avoid, then dock bumpers are the solution. These cushioned accessories protect both your boat and your dock from minor collisions and from moored boats jostling the dock during inclement weather. Let’s explore how to use them and look at how easy they are to install.

Types of Dock Bumpers

At Tommy Docks, we supply dock bumpers to protect every part of your dock:

  • Straight Bumper: Linear, cushioned PVC bumpers you can attach to any straight edge of the dock. Available in a standard length of 18”, they come in white, green, blue, and black options.
  • Piling Bumper: Designed to be affixed to pilings or used as an alternative to straight bumpers. Heavy-duty piling bumpers provide excellent protection, will not mark your boat, and are resistant to wildlife and gasoline.
  • Pipe Bumper: The perfect finishing touch to your dock pipes, they are designed to be easy to install and provide years of protection. They are 18” in length and come in four stylish color choices.

Installing Boat Dock Bumpers

First, consider the potential impact points on your dock and the size of your vessel. If you have a small boat, you may only need pipe bumpers. But if you have a larger boat, consider heavy-duty piling bumpers and straight bumpers for maximum protection.

All Tommy Docks boat dock bumpers are designed to be easy to install and require few tools, or none in some cases.

Straight Bumpers

Measuring 18”x5”, straight bumpers are designed to fit perfectly along the edge of your dock, below the level of the decking. Straight bumpers come with a pre-drilled hole in each of the four corners. 

All you need to do is mark off the holes and drill four holes for the bolts. Stainless steel bolts are the best choice for use by water. Installation is as easy as fixing the four bolts in place!

Piling Bumpers

These bumpers come with a 2” x 4” treated lumber backing that makes it easy to fix them in place. They have three pre-drilled mounting holes and come supplied with stainless steel bolts. You can mount them either horizontally or vertically by drilling holes and fastening the bolts.

Pipe Bumpers

Tommy Dock’s pipe bumpers fit dock posts up to 2 ⅛” in diameter and have an innovative, secure fastening system. Simply lower the bumper over your dock pipe and slide it down to the level of the bracket. It will then fit over the bracket and clip snugly in place below the bracket.

Maximum Dock Protection With Minimal Fuss

Installing boat dock bumpers takes minutes but could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses. Browse our range of dock bumpers, and feel free to contact a Tommy Docks team member with any questions.

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