10 Creative Uses for Inflatable Swim Platforms

Inflatable swim platforms are a versatile and portable addition to any boat, providing a stable and safe platform for swimming and other water activities. However, the uses for these platforms don't stop there. Let's explore some other ways you can take full advantage of an inflatable swimming platform.

What is an Inflatable Swim Platform?

As its name suggests, inflatable swim platforms are portable platforms that can be easily inflated for use in both fresh and salt water. Most platforms consist of two parts: the base and the deck. The base is the inflatable part that gives the swim platform buoyancy, and the deck is a soft flat material that sits on top of the base, providing a comfortable place to relax. 

Typically inflatable swimming platforms are attached to a boat or anchored in place. However, they can also be used freely in open water, opening the door to many other uses. 

10 Uses for Inflatable Swim Platforms

Inflatable platforms are the perfect place to rest and relax after a refreshing swim. However, having a stable platform on the water can allow you to take some of your other favorite hobbies and activities out onto the water. Here are ten creative ways you can use an inflatable swimming platform. 

1. Sunbathing 

One of the most obvious uses for an inflatable swim platform is sunbathing. The flat, stable surface provides a comfortable place to soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful views around you. Plus, the buoyancy of the platform can make for a gentle and relaxing ride on the water.

2. Water Yoga

Thanks to the booming popularity of stand-up paddle boards, yogis are abandoning their studios in favor of pods, lakes, and harbors. This novel form of exercise puts you directly into nature and requires you to "work muscles you aren't used to" when doing traditional yoga. However, due to the narrow design of most SUP boards, beginners often find themselves spending more time swimming than they do exercising. 

So, If you're interested in exploring aqua yoga but aren't crazy about the idea of constantly falling into the water, an inflatable swim platform can provide you with a soft, flat, and stable platform to perform your exercises while still allowing providing you with the challenge of balancing on the water.

3. Fishing

Inflatable swim platforms are also great for fishing. The raised platform provides a better view of the surrounding water, allowing you to spot fish more easily, especially in weedy or grassy patches that you can't access with a boat. Just be mindful of your hooks and lures. Though inflatable swim platforms are very durable, a misplaced hook can cause a puncture that is difficult to patch while on the water. 

4. Snorkeling and Diving

If you're a fan of snorkeling or diving, an inflatable swim platform can be an excellent tool for exploring the underwater world. The platform provides a stable base for putting on and taking off your gear, as well as a place to rest and catch your breath between dives.

5. Picnicking and Entertaining

Inflatable swim platforms are also great for picnicking and entertaining. You can pack a cooler with drinks and snacks, set up a table and chairs, and enjoy a meal or snacks while floating on the water. Plus, the platform can be used as a stage for impromptu performances, such as singing or playing music.

6. Playing Games

Inflatable swim platforms come in large sizes, making them perfect for playing games on the water. You can set up a game of cards or board games or create your own water-based games like ring toss, water balloon toss, or a game of catch. The buoyancy of the platform can add an extra challenge to the games, making them more fun and engaging.

7. Watching Wildlife

If you're a nature lover, an inflatable swim platform can provide an up-close and personal view of the wildlife around you. You can use the platform to observe birds, fish, and other animals in their natural habitat, without disturbing their environment.

8. Star Gazing

Being out on the water on a warm summer night, gazing up at the stars, is an unforgettable experience. An inflatable swimming platform can take you further out, away from any light pollution, to provide the optimal scenario for taking in the beauty of the stars and constellations above you. 

9. Photography and Videography

Inflatable swim platforms can give photographers and videographers a unique perspective for capturing images and footage on the water. You can use the platform as a stable base for setting up a tripod and take advantage of the natural light and surroundings to capture stunning shots.

10. Water-Based Workouts

Finally, inflatable swim platforms can be used for various water-based workouts. For example, you can set up an obstacle course, perform aquatic aerobics, or even do a full-body workout on the platform. The water resistance can help increase the intensity of your workout, while the platform provides a stable base for performing exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, or planks.

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