Five Water Sports to Try in 2022
Five Water Sports to Try in 2022


While winter is still winding down, it’s time to start thinking of warmer days! When you’re eyeing the lake season, you might be thinking of getting back to your favorite activities. Of course, it’s also fun to expect to try some new ones as well.

When it comes to water sports, you can be any age and try a number of activities that help you enjoy the open water and sunshine. Here are five water sports to try in 2022 if you haven’t given them a go before!


Kayaking really took off in 2020 during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. That meant for a while it was tough to find one to buy! Luckily, things are a bit more accessible now and you can likely buy a kayak in your sporting goods store or online. 

Kayaking isn’t just a lot of fun - it’s also good for you! You can build upper body strength while also working on cardio while enjoying the water. If you adjust this activity to a canoe, then you can even do it with a friend! However you hit the water, kayaking is certainly one of the more adventurous ways to make the most of great weather.

Jet Skiing 

Jet skiing is a fun activity that many seem wary to try at first. You often see people jet ski at high speeds, which can scare some people away. Really, you can take it as fast or casual as you want on a jet ski. The real point of this fun activity is getting splashed with the water and getting the wind in your face as you enjoy the lake.

Let’s say you’re not sure about jet skiing because of the storage concern of it all. You can utilize a DIY ramp kit to store your jet ski or boat. Which, as might have guessed, is another water sport worth trying!


Boating might sound like it’s an intense sport, like racing or even speed runs of the waterfront. Boating is really much more all-encompassing when it comes to what you can do on the water. If you have a boat, then guess what? You’re already boating when you set off from your dock!

Speaking of docks, boating is a fun sport but also involves keeping your boat safe when you’re not using it. Doing so means you’re going to want a dock built for your needs - including the storage of your boat. Check out our options ahead of another season of water sports!


Wakeboarding might be a bit intense for some, but thrill-seekers will love this activity. Water sports often imply a sense of risk or difficulty, and wakeboarding definitely isn’t easy. That said, it’s a ton of fun if you’re up for the challenge.

Take a boat out with a wakeboarding kit and see if you can ride the waves or if they get the best of you. If you have trouble with your lower body strength or lingering issues with your knees or legs, then maybe this is an activity you can best participate in as the boat driver!


Lastly, water sports are popular for many of the fun and exciting ways you can enjoy the outdoors. Fishing is by far one of the least expensive and least hardware-intensive ways to get out on the water! Take your boat out or hit the dock to see what you can catch. As long as you’re soaking up the sun, that’s all that matters!

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