Four Things to Consider Before Building a Dock

Four Things to Consider Before Building a Dock

If you’re gearing up to build a dock, there are a few things to consider ahead of starting the project. Some of the most important things to consider when you’re getting ready to begin this sort of project include steps you can take to reduce uncertainty. We all can recall a time that a project didn’t go according to plan, so have these four things figured out before you begin building a dock.

Know Your Property Lines

Firstly, it’s important to know where your property lines lie. When you own a waterfront property, there are certain differences that may mean you have more space or less space than you believe. One reason we recommend doing this is so you don’t get in trouble and accidentally spill over into someone else’s space.


Another reason, however, is that you might have more room for your dock than you thought. Instead of a straight dock, more space can mean you might be able to opt for something larger with more room for watercraft parking, entertaining on the dock, and other perks. Finding out your official property lines to get started is crucial for a successful dock build.

Set a Budget

Next, setting a budget is important so that your dock doesn’t begin to provide you with any stress or guilt. If you don’t set a budget, you might end up spending more on a whim that you’re really comfortable with. That’s a recipe for resenting the project and the dock itself.


Be realistic with yourself and see what you can spend. It might mean not every option under the stars is available to you, but you’ll have plenty of options at your disposal with a realistic budget. Plus, if things go better than expected, you can spend more on other elements that might enhance the dock altogether.

What Skills Do You Have (Or Don’t Have)

When you decide to build a dock, you might want to cut costs on hiring help. That’s totally fine - in fact, Tommy Docks specializes in DIY kits that allow you to do everything yourself. However, you need to be realistic with what you can do and what you cannot.


If you’re working with the removal of your old dock and don’t understand how the structure is embedded in your property, you might want to hire someone for that process. Not to mention, those who don’t want to run the risk of getting in over their head can hire for help to build the dock as well. Handy people with experience on these sorts of projects however will be happy to see how user-friendly the guides to building products from Tommy Docks are and will likely have a successful project on their hands from the get-go.


What Will Be the Best Investment?

Lastly, consider that you’re not just building a dock you’ll use for a year or two. The best dock you can build is one that will provide you with fun and safety for years and years. That’s why Tommy Docks is so proud that our dock configurations last longer than our competitors. When you’re building a dock, investing money, and putting your property’s longevity on the line, you deserve the best. We’re proud to be the best.


Tell us at Tommy Docks if you have any other questions about successful projects building a dock. We’re happy to make sure your dream dock becomes a reality.

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