DIY Dock Project Ideas For Beginners

DIY Dock Project Ideas For Beginners

Building or updating a boat dock can be a little intimidating. If you’re not used to taking on projects like this yourself, then you might believe it is out of your wheelhouse and skillset. Luckily, there are plenty of projects you can take on that don’t require you to be a master builder. In fact, these DIY dock project ideas for beginners are a great place to start. Not only will they boost your confidence on these sort of DIY tasks, but they’ll also improve your boat dock significantly. Let’s talk about a few that could make a big difference.

Sealing and Staining Your Boat Dock

If it’s looking like your dock could use a fresh sealant or new stain, it’s not actually as hard to apply these finishes as you’d think. Even if you’ve never sealed a dock before, the material is significantly easier to work with than a lot of other surfaces, like your driveway for example. All you’ll want to do is buy a sealant that is water and weather resistant and your dock could look new and improved in no time. Go one step further with a new stain and change the look of your dock entirely.

Add Lighting to your Dock

This might shock you, but adding some much needed lighting to your dock for sunset and overnight can be a breeze. With solar-powered LED lights you can find at Tommy Docks, you can simply apply the lights to the edge of your dock and let the sun charge them during the day. When the night rolls in, they’ll turn on with no input from you and keep your dock visible until the sun returns the next morning. Even if you’re not often using your dock at night, it’s great to have a better view of the area from your home. Plus, they look great!

Add Your Own Decking to Your Dock

Here’s a bigger project for those who read the first two ideas and thought, “I can do a bit more than that!” When you buy decking from Tommy Docks, you have the ability to add your own decking to a dock configuration of your choice. It’s easy thanks to some helpful resources you can find on the website.


Let’s say that you’re eager to find a new decking that matches a renovation you’re working on for your property. Adding your own decking to a Tommy Docks dock frame means you’re not beholden to the decking we sell. In fact, you can use non-Tommy Dock decking on our aluminum dock frames to allow you maximum customizability and control.


Why add your own decking? This is the best way to get the dock of your dreams - and it’s not hard at all. Thanks to the design of Tommy Docks dock frames, you’re able to fit your decking in easily and all by yourself. This is a bigger DIY project for beginners than just adding lights, but it’s so satisfying when you realize how easy it is! Explore more DIY projects at

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