The Ultimate Dock Building Guide

The Ultimate Dock Building Guide

If you’re here and reading this, you’re probably considering building a boat dock. Whether you’re ready to jump right in or looking to sway your final decision, you’ve come to the right place. When you’re considering building a dock, this guide is going to help you understand what decision you need to make. Plus, you’re going to be able to access every resource at Tommy Docks you need to build your own boat dock at home. While you can also buy these materials and have someone else do the work for you, we’ll be discussing the dock building process as if you’re the one doing it. That said, hiring help is always a plus! Let’s gets started on the first element to consider when building a dock with this ultimate guide to the process.

A Guide to Dock Shapes and Configurations

When we traditionally picture a dock, it’s often the straight, wooden design we’ve seen used for centuries. There are benefits to keeping your dock this shape, but it’s far from your only option. Tommy Docks complete boat dock packages come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can accommodate your needs and property.


The first thing to consider here if you’re not privy to one shape or another is the space with which you’re working. If you’re tight on space and close to your neighbors, a straight shape can be sufficient. With some more room, however, you can get creative with designs that are configured in an L-style, T-style, and all of the above.


Not quite sure those pre-designed options are for you? How about designing your own boat dock configuration. With dock sections, you’re able to create your own configuration and Tommy Docks allows you to use these sections seamlessly. The shape is just part of the decision, however. You’ll also want to consider the material with which you build your dock and decking.

Dock Material and Decking - What’s Best for You?

Four options for dock material and decking at Tommy Docks allow you to have complete control over your ultimate dock building experience. For starters, you can opt for what we already discussed is the traditional option: a full wood deck. The cedar material is classic and does evoke those feelings of nostalgia for favorite memories on the water. That said, there are perks to going with an aluminum base and decking.


Let’s pause for a moment, because some people will immediately note that they do not want to use aluminum. They think it looks cheap or won’t hold up as well as wood. Here’s the thing: some other aluminum docks don’t live up to the standards we set high for our clients. Our Tommy Docks aluminum docks do thanks to state of the art design and materials that will hold up for years and look great while doing so.


You’re not stuck with just one option for aluminum either. If the sleek and futuristic look of silver aluminum isn’t for you, we combine aluminum bases with our cedar and wood-composite decking to give you a combo that lasts long and looks great too.

DIY Kit Parts to Make This Job a Dream Come True

Lastly, DIY kit parts from Tommy Docks give you the flexibility to put together your dream dock. With detailed instructions on installation and building for every Tommy Docks product and piece of hardware, putting together the dock of your dreams is easier than ever. Be sure to reach out to us too if you have questions and need insight into what works best!


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