Can You Build Your Own Boat Dock - Best Tips for DIY Projects
Can You Build Your Own Boat Dock - Best Tips for DIY Projects


The way we look at it, plenty of people like doing their own projects. That’s why Tommy Docks offers DIY dock packages that let you build your own hardware. That said, it’s hard sometimes to predict whether or not you’re up for the task.

The good news is that no matter your experience with dock hardware or DIY projects, Tommy Docks' designs are easily manageable if you have the right tools and time to make the blueprint come to life. Here are some tips on what you’ll need to know if you want to build your own dock. 

First Thing’s First: What Layout Do You Need?

The best place to start with a new dock is to decide what sort of layout you’ll need for a new design. If you’re going to head into this project, first consider the dock you have now. No matter what is motivating you to replace it, think solely about its shape and design. Do you like it? Is there room for improvement? The sky's the limit with Tommy Docks when it comes to building a dock with your ideal layout. 

If you have a straight dock and want something a little different moving forward, consider branching out to something different. Our Dock Layout Blueprint sheet can be helpful in inspiring your perfect design. 

Assembling a Boat Dock By Yourself - What Do You Need

When it comes to putting your dock together, you might be wondering just how many different parts you’ll be working with. If this is your first time, you couldn’t be in a better place. Tommy Docks is all about DIY projects and we love seeing people take on the task of building their own dock.

That’s why the packages for our dock installation kits come with everything you’ll need. Other than a tape measure and an electric drill, you’ll have all the brackets, posts, and other parts you’ll need to put the dock together. Easy-to-follow installation instructions also help make it easy to get the job done. 

When you’re putting together the dock, the best advice we can give is to just take it one step at a time. Set up on your shoreline where the ground is flat and you’ll be all set to build the dock of your dreams. 

Decking - What’s Best For You?

One other element to consider is decking. DIY docks at our shop come with decking options ranging from wood to aluminum. That said, there might be a specific look or material you want to use that we don’t have in our shop. That’s why we offer dock frames that actually let you use the decking your desire. That said, make sure you know how to install decking before deciding to go this route. If you don’t want to worry about picking decking out from another shop, simply choose one of our designs that allow for decking to come with your assembly kit. 

Building a dock for the first time can seem daunting, but we’re proud to say that every Tommy Docks dock kit is easy to follow, hassle-free, and a great way to take on a DIY project for your waterfront property. Plus, if you ever have questions, you can contact us with issues, inquiries, and more!

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