Five Things to Look For When Buying a Fire Pit
Five Things to Look For When Buying a Fire Pit


It’s easy enough to start a fire and enjoy some time outside. The better option, however, is having a dedicated piece of hardware that can elevate your fires to the next level. Rather than scraping together a space to light a fire on the ground, picking out a quality fire pit can really help to enhance your gatherings outdoors and those warm fires we enjoy all year long. 

When it comes to choosing a fire pit, there are a million different designs and looks to choose from. If you’re considering buying a fire pit, then be sure to look out for these five features that are sure signs that you’re about to purchase a great product. 

Five Features You Want in a Fire Pit 

If you don’t know where to start with your fire pit shopping, start by looking for products with these five essential features. 

Fire-Friendly Material 

This goes without saying, but you’d be surprised what some fire pit products are made of. Rather than looking to go with a material that is fire-friendly only in utility, picking a great fire pit means going with a material that is also built to last and look good. 

When shopping for fire pits, be sure to keep an eye out for designs that use pure steel. Not to mention, a thickness of around .125" should be the perfect amount to look good and keep your fire going safely. Steel finishes and colors can sometimes deceive buyers, so always check that you’re buying the real thing! 

Above Ground Design 

It’s not all that safe to build a fire on the ground. Sure, if you’re in a contained area that’s one thing. The great thing about fire pits, however, is that you can build a fire from just about anywhere outdoors. 

An above-ground design is going to ensure you can take your pit with you on trips and build just about anywhere. If you’re set up with an above-ground design, you’ll be much happier to not worry about the ground, debris, and other elements that can make on-ground fires a hassle. 

Protective Rims 

When shopping for a great fire pit, be sure to keep an eye on the height of the rims to the pit itself. Some like to go shallow with their design so you can see the wood clearly and all of the fire. That’s fine; that said, it’s better to go with protective rims that are raised to protect against sparks and flames.  

Large Enough for Gatherings 

When you’re buying a fire pit, there’s a good chance you want to buy one that can host friends and family for outdoor gatherings. When you’re seeking to buy a fire pit, make sure to look for something in the range of around 30” wide.  

This provides adequate heat and can easily entertain a group that gathers in your backyard or campground. 

Easily Transportable 

Lastly, you’ll want to find a fire pit you can easily transport to different places. This is an especially important aspect if you’re into camping and traveling.  

Something like the Ninetyright Flat Pack Fire Pit is perfect for travel and transportation. Plus, it features those other important aspects we discussed above! It’s truly a great product to take with you for safe and hassle-free fires you and your friends and family can enjoy all year long. 

Fire Pit Season is Far From Over! 

Even as many areas in the United States begin to see cooler weather head their way, it’s always fire pit season! The right pit can help keep those chilly nights warm as you get in some last-minute camping trips and outdoor gatherings with friends and family! 

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