What Material Should My Lake Dock Be Made Of and Why?
What Material Should My Lake Dock Be Made Of and Why?


If you own property on a lake, then you’re probably excited to get your dream setup started on the water. That said, it’s tricky to know what sort of dock material and other elements are going to get you the best experience on your property. With hosting friends and family, you want your dock to be safe, sturdy, and also look good. 

If you’re curious about what material you should choose for a lake dock, let’s clear your mind and go over what options are going to offer the best situation for you and your family.  

Considerations for a Lake Dock 

A dock is one of the most common purchases new owners of lakefront property acquire. It’s not a bad first purchase, of course, because it comes with many perks. On top of being a convenient way to access the lake, it helps ensure you have a place to store watercraft, an easy way to increase property value, and helpful when you’re hosting friends and family who want to play in the lake.  

Overall, a lake provides different challenges for choosing the right dock than a river or other body of water. One of the more popular models for some properties recently has been a floating dock. These large platforms float on the surface of the lake and come in both pre-designed shapes as well as DIY kits. They’re often a popular model, but not always very helpful on lakes. They don’t always support the flexibility needed with the versatile environment a lake can host, including rising and falling water levels and the need for enhanced stability related to uneven lake beds. 

Likewise, some love the look of a wood dock. These are often the most common dock options that many choose for that classic docksider look. Unfortunately, lakes can pose some risks to wood-only docks. That’s why many choose docks that combine a wood look with the benefits of other materials. So, what’s the right choice to make? 

The Best Material for a Lake Dock 

If you want the look of a wood dock but the best materials possible for a lake dock, you’ll want to go with a dock that features two key considerations of materials. Firstly, the frame should almost always consist of an aluminum frame. These are sturdy and successful handling the ebbs and flows of lake water. Likewise, you’ll want to look at the options available to you that look like wood but are actually built with composite materials.  

An aluminum frame with a composite decking that looks like wood will help you get the most for your money on a lakefront property. You’ll also want to look into avoiding a floating dock in favor of a stationary dock. These are much more reliable when it comes to the lake environment. Plus, they provide the needed assurance that your watercraft and guests can access the water safely and securely. 

If you’re still looking for the right option for your lake property, be sure to contact us with any questions you might have about the needs of your deck and lake life!

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