Essential Fire Pit Safety Tips
Essential Fire Pit Safety Tips


As we enter the winter season, there’s nothing quite like a fire pit. When it comes to gathering outside in the colder months, a fire pit can be a great way to enjoy time spent with friends and family outdoors. With COVID-19 still playing a role in a lot of our lives, there’s also the added bonus of getting to use fire to gather together outside with the safety of outdoor spaces. 

When building a fire, you need to be careful. Even a fire pit can be used incorrectly and cause a real safety concern. For more about how to best manage your fires this season, here are some essential fire pit safety tips.  

Fire Pit Tips You Need to Know About 

There are five things to consider before you start a fire in your fire pit. Of course, one of the most important things is also one of the more difficult things to manage: the elements. 

Watching for Wind 

While it’s great to build a fire in your fire pit to keep warm, there are some considerations to take when it comes to the wind. The area where you keep your fire pit should be chosen for its distance from overhanging trees or buildings. This helps ensure nothing will blow onto your fire unexpectedly. Likewise, the wind can blow your fire pit’s flame into nearby structures and other flammable materials that could cause problems. Take time to keep your fire pit away from these dangerous spaces. 

Have an Extinguishing Plan in Place 

Fire is a great thing to enjoy but it can also be tough to manage the force of nature. When it comes to putting your fire pit in place, be sure you have an extinguishing plan in place. On top of taking into consideration the wind, you’ll want to keep both a shovel and water or extinguishing blanket in place. Water or a blanket can help to put out a surprisingly out-of-control fire. Likewise, a shovel can be used to put dirt on the fire. These things might never get used but they will be handy in case of an emergency.  

Always Keep an Eye on the Fire 

A fire cannot be left unattended. Even if things look in control, you don’t want to leave it up to chance. The same goes for the end of a fire. When the night is winding down, it’s important to make sure you properly let the fire die out. That means allowing someone to stay with the fire until it ends or extinguishing the flame before heading in for the night. Turn all logs to the side of the fire pit to ensure it dies out quickly.  

Choosing a Proper Fire Pit 

When it comes to choosing the best fire pit possible, you’ll want to choose something built for optimum safety. The Ninetyright flat pack fire pit is a great example of what to look for in terms of steel materials The 30” fire pit is an above-ground pit that keeps the flame safely off the surface of the outdoors. Plus, it is designed with three legs so you never have to worry about it rocking on an uneven surface.  

Keep safe when you’re using a fire pit and enjoy the winter season! 

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