Five Reasons It’s Time to Replace Your Old Boat Dock
Five Reasons It’s Time to Replace Your Old Boat Dock


If you’re peering out at your old dock and wondering if it’s time to replace it, you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with the decision to renew their dock. In some cases, the decision can be obvious and a matter of safety. In other situations, some troublesome signs could point to an eventual replacement but no dire need to make a switch right away. 

When it comes to making a replacement, we know docks. That said, we also know when it’s time to say goodbye to your outdated setup. Here are five specific situations that are perfect signs that it’s time to make a change.

You’re Finding Rot and Decay on Your Dock

Wood docks are a great option for boats. Plus, they look classic and timeless. With that in mind, it’s also likely that time is going to take its toll on these docks a lot faster than other materials. As moisture builds over time, the wood is easily penetrated and rot can occur over time. Eventually, some small signs of rot can lead to a complete collapse of the dock. 

There are ways to avoid this, like ensuring a sealant goes over the wood upon installation. Of course, rot and moisture penetration also just happen to older units. When you start to see signs of rot, it’s time to make a change. The good news? If you’re sticking with wood, you can take the necessary precautions this time around to prolong the dock’s health. Or, a new dock is a great time to explore all available options.

A New Boat Doesn’t Fit On Your Old Dock

Getting a new boat is one of the most exciting purchases you can make. The joys of getting something new can quickly become a bit of a chore as you work it into your current setup. Simply put, there’s a chance you might not have a dock that fits your new boat. 

That’s okay - to be honest, it’s a great excuse to upgrade the dock. Plus, nothing matches a new boat better than a new dock. It’s a good opportunity to take your new boat and fit your dock’s look and style to your needs.

You’re Finding Mildew, Moss, and Other Growth On the Dock

Cleaning your dock is a lot like flossing; we all know we should do it, but sometimes we get a bit too relaxed with regular maintenance. If you’re not remembering the last time you really did a deep clean on your dock, you might want to check for mildew, moss, and algae. 

Moisture and shade combine with an irregular cleaning routine to the growth of some unwanted visitors on your dock. When it comes to spotting growth, you can likely clean off and wash away smaller areas of growth. If you’re finding a ton of it, however, then it might be too late. Underneath you could find that moss and mildew spread a lot faster than first suspected. If that’s the case, then it’s time for a new dock. All of these can lead to rot and cause you some safety concerns in the long run.

You’ve Spotted Cracking and Warping on the Dock

When it comes to wood docks, cracking and warping are the first signs that you’re putting the dock to good use. The problem is that these can also lead to widespread concerns in the dock’s foundation and materials. When that starts to happen, you can find yourself in a real hazardous situation. 

Big cracks in the middle of your dock’s boards and shape changes are two of the most important signs to watch for in your dock. Cracking and warping can’t be washed away like a little moss or algae, so you know when you spot a little bit of it that more is to come. That means it’s time to shop for a new dock!

The Dock Just Looks Like It’s Time for a Replacement

When you peek at your dock, do you like what you see? Even without some of these more severe concerns, you might just look at your dock and think that it’s looking old. That’s just as valid as finding any of the problems above! 

If you’re just looking out at an old dock and eager to get a replacement, explore your options! A dock replacement is made easy with the modern materials and arrangements available today. Plus, it’s going to look great on the water and make you a lot happier. Now get shopping!

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