Water Safety Tips You Need to Know At Your Lake
Water Safety Tips You Need to Know At Your Lake


There’s a lot of excitement around the early summer weeks about getting back out on the lake. While some of us are already gearing up for summer fun, others are still preparing for the season ahead. It’s easy to get into a routine when it comes to approaching summer. We all have activities we enjoy, ways we like to relax, and various setups on the lake. 

No matter what your lake situation and routine might be, it’s always important to remember that fun at the lake can turn serious if you’re not keeping essential safety tips in mind. Here are some of the water safety tips you need to consider when you’re on the lake this summer. Longtime lake goers: don’t ignore these just because you’re a veteran of the water! A refresh is always in need, even for the experts.

Lake Safety Tips Everyone Should Know (And Review)

These might sound redundant if you think you know water safety, but everyone can always use reminders and a refresh. Not to mention, we can be a little rusty when it comes to water safety when the summer comes around. First thing’s first: it’s crucial to know if you and the guests you’re hosting on the lake are swimmers or not. When it comes to swimming, it’s not just about “yes or no” to the question. Swimming skills like treading water and properly exiting the lake safely are important too. 

While children might be new to the lake and in need of some swimming lessons, plenty of adults do too. Even if you don’t plan on being in the water too much, be sure to go over some swim tips with your group. If someone has absolutely no swimming abilities, then be sure to go over an emergency plan with everyone, including life preservers, retrieval routines, and more ways to ensure everyone stays safe. 

When it comes to swimmers and non-swimmers, life jackets are a crucial part of lake life. If you can swim, it’s easy to assume the life jacket life isn’t for you. There are many instances in which it might seem like overkill, but life jackets do save lives. Especially on a crowded day at the lake, boating can be made much safer with the inclusion of life jackets. Make sure you have enough for everyone on your boat. Not to mention, be sure to know about lake safety when it comes to your dock too. It’s not all about getting in the boat. Sometimes, danger can be right on the shore.

Dock Safety Tips for the Lake

If your dock is older or in need of some TLC, then it could be beneficial to explore some options for new DIY dock setups. There are a lot of older docks that might look okay, but some of the most tragic accidents with dilapidated docks can occur because the infrastructure under water is in desperate need of a refresh. Even with a newer dock, you could always find room for a safer setup. 

Some lake lovers don’t love the look of a dock with a railing, but it’s significantly safer in many cases. Particularly for older adults and young children, a railing can help keep people on the dock safely and out of the water. Likewise, docks should not be for diving into the water or a site for jumping up and down. Even brand-new docks can be thrown for a loop with excess pressure from unnecessary activities. 

How might you know that you’re in need of a new dock setup for safer lake fun? When it comes to knowing it’s time to replace your dock, the signs are usually pretty clear. If you’re not in need of a full refresh, then be sure to consider a railing or signage that reminds guests how to act safely while on the dock. 

Have a safe summer and keep all of these water safety tips in mind! Soaking up the sun doesn’t need to be a risky activity this season, and these tips don’t just help to avoid injuries; they often save lives!

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