Dock Design Ideas You Can Install in 2022

Dock Design Ideas You Can Install in 2022

When it’s time to upgrade your dock, the reasoning can vary from wanting to shake things up and needing to get rid of a rotting, aged dock. Whatever the reason for upgrading, we’re happy you’re looking at what Tommy Docks has to offer. Overall, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from when adding to or replacing your boat dock in 2022, but our favorite to feature is our Build Your Dock checklist. How it works is that you simply follow along with the pre-designed options and place your order. It’s that simple! Of course, we’re here to help you make some decisions too if you want a hand.

Best Dock Designs for New Docks in 2022

Build a Dock with Tommy Docks is a great option for making the dock of your dreams come to life. Not to mention, it’s easy with how our website walks you through every step. Firstly, you’ll see that the major decision to make from the start is in the shape of your dock. Straight docks might be what many picture when we think about dock design, but you can see from our site there are many more options to choose from.


For example, t-shaped docks allow you the space to store watercraft vehicles like jet skis or boats on one side of the dock but leave room for other water entry points on the other. Plus, they look great in various finishes that we offer. Platform docks are also great because they give you space to entertain on the dock while still extending out into a straight design for getting on and off the water. Take a look at each option before progressing!

Choosing a Dock Decking Finish

When you’re walking through our dock options, don’t forget to consider the finish you want for your decking. Cedar or wood finishes are classic and that look truly never goes out of style. That said, don’t overlook the options that may have gotten more popular since you last upgraded your dock. Our premium composite decking is a great option that offers many perks to traditional cedar or wood docks.


For example, composite materials don’t go through the same natural wear and tear of wood decking. If you want to take it even one step further up, you can opt for the futuristic looking aluminum docks that are known to last for years and give your waterfront property a really eye-catching look. Of course, if the wood and cedar design is your favorite but you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can always try the Cedar+ material for decking that looks like wood but is crafted with an aluminum frame.

Adding On to Your Dock

Another popular option at Tommy Docks is add-on sections that expand your current set-up. While these work best with other Tommy Dock kits and designs, they can be used in a variety of ways no matter what your current dock is. You can explore add on options, as well as brand new boat docks to install in 2022 at our website. 

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