Three Upgrades to Make to Your Dock This Summer
Three Upgrades to Make to Your Dock This Summer

There’s something to be said about a boat dock always growing as you do. No, you might not be able to make a monumental change every year to your waterfront property, but even minor upgrades can have a big effect. When it comes to picking where to put your efforts (and your money) here are three upgrades that you can make to your dock this summer that will definitely enhance your waterfront experience.

Solar 3D Lighting

Okay, so lights aren’t as exciting as a brand new boat or a massive water toy. That is true, but they can be absolutely transformative to how you use your waterfront and what you do this summer. Stealth Solar Lithium 3D Lighting is a best-seller of ours because it’s the tool you can use to make a lighted pathway on your dock without any intense installation or digging up of the ground. Here’s how it works, and really, it is this simple.


By placing the lights along your dock, you can allow the lights to charge with the sun during the day and automatically turn on at night. That means no fretting when you’re out on the water for sunset about finding your way back home. Not to mention, they can also allow you a lighted environment to sit on your dock in the evenings as night rolls in and you’re not ready to head inside. 

Dock Section Expansions

Adding something to your dock can be a bit more impactful than lighting. A good example: entire dock sections that expand your dock’s surface. These can be used to store additional watercraft vehicles you purchase as well as provide you with more room to get in and out of the water. The best part of these expansions from Tommy Docks is that you don’t necessarily have to have a Tommy Docks dock to install one!


Sure, these dock section expansions are fitted to grow Tommy Dock designed docks, but you can add them to your water anyway you see fit. The Kit form it arrives in makes it easy to put this dock together, even if you’re not all that handy when it comes to building things. Plus, don’t forget you can always watch dock tutorial videos on YouTube!

A Brand New Pre-Built Dock Design

Okay, lastly let’s offer an upgrade for those ready to take on a big update. The Tommy Docks Build Your Dock kits are essentially the best way to install a brand new dock without the hassles that come along with making major decisions on materials or shape.


Follow along our Build Your Dock checklist and make the dock of your dreams. It’s an upgrade you’ll enjoy for years and best of all will make your waterfront look pristine.

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