Can You Save Money Building Your Own DIY Dock?
Can You Save Money Building Your Own DIY Dock?

There are a lot of reasons to build something yourself. For starters, you can often have a better control over the final design. Not to mention, building something yourself can often mean more flexibility in the parts you use as well as the style and aesthetic of the end product. One popular project some decide to take on themselves is a boat dock. When you build your own dock, you can traditionally save some cash on doing it yourself. That said, everyone knows that parts and materials are up in cost from the pandemic. So, with all of that said, can you save money building your own DIY boat dock? Let’s find out.

Can DIY Docks Save You Money?

Here’s the thing: building your own DIY dock is going to save you money overall by avoiding labor costs. You or some friends and family building the dock means that you’re likely going to save hundreds of dollars that would have otherwise gone to the builder. That said, there’s always a curiosity as to whether or not you’ll end up with the dock you’re wanting when you go it alone.


DIY docks can save you money, but as everyone knows, costs for materials are up right now. A great option that’s emerging to be quite popular are DIY boat dock kits. These sort of give you the middle ground of building your own dock but not having to source materials yourself. At Tommy Docks, you can buy everything you need to build your own boat dock, which saves money on labor, and avoid the rising cost of sourcing materials independently. Here’s what you should know.


DIY Dock Kits - Why Go This Route for your Boat Dock?

Tommy Docks is a well-known Midwest brand for boat docks and accessories, but we also sell DIY kits that let you build the dock yourself. OVerall, this gives you maximum flexibility over what your dock looks like by stepping away from pre-arranged dock designs and letting your imagination run wild. Aluminum frame kits are the best way to get started on your dock, and ours work with all other Tommy Docks sections, materials, and hardware.


So what does all of this mean? Well, our cedar dock sections for example fit perfectly into the dock frames but don’t force you to design the dock one way or the other. You can pair multiple frames together and make shapes and configurations that you can’t buy pre-designed and assembled. Plus, don’t forget, we’re focused on saving money here, which means you’re doing the work and cutting out labor costs. Don’t worry; cost-cutting here isn’t a method of frugalness as much as it is ultimate control over your dream dock. Tommy Docks docks and accessories are the cream of the crop, and when you can save money getting the best, you’d have a hard time explaining why you’d want to go another route for building your own boat dock.


Explore Tommy Docks DIY boat kits and parts to design your dock anyway you want!

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