Best Materials to Use for an Environmentally Friendly Deck

Best Materials to Use for an Environmentally Friendly Deck

Some of the best parts of building your own dock or choosing to go with a future-minded company like Tommy Docks is that you’re going to be happy with your final product in more ways than one. Everyone is always sharing with us that their Tommy Docks dock looks great, lasts a long time, and also catches the eyes of neighbors. We’re also proud, however, that environmentally conscious buyers see Tommy Docks as a great place to go for environmentally friendly docks thanks to the materials we offer.

What Materials are Best for an Environmentally Friendly Dock?

When you’re considering a new dock for your waterfront property, environmental considerations don’t need to stand in the way of your decision. Some people worry that environmentally friendly products might limit their options but at Tommy Docks we’re proud to incorporate these concerns into our array of dock products.


One thing we’re very proud to offer is a combination of materials for dock kits that allow you to choose what look you want for your property while also utilizing materials that are environmentally friendly and will hold up over the years without doing damage to natural ecosystems.

Aluminum Dock Frames - An Environmentally Conscious Choice

Let’s start first with our aluminum dock frames. Our products with this material are constructed from 6005-T5 grade extruded aluminum components. This material is proven to withstand years of use and not contribute significant changes to the water in which it sits. Some cheap aluminum can leave residue in the water, not to mention it will need replacement after a short while.


Tommy Docks aluminum frames and decking options are perfect for when you’re eager to add a new, state of the art dock to your property but also want to ensure your natural space is not negatively impacted. There’s one other option that can be quite helpful when making environmentally friendly purchases as well. While wood isn’t the worst thing to use, it can involve the needless erasure of woodlands across the world. Wood composite, however, is a great alternative and looks great too.

Wood Composite - A Great-Looking Alternative

Natural wood does run the risk of harming the ecosystem with warping, rotting, and the collection of mold. Composite is a great alternative that can still give you that wood visual that you might want for your dock. With dark wood composite decking on some of our kit options, you can ensure that your dock looks great but also is environmentally conscious.


When you’re considering a wood dock, composite might sound like a cheaper option than the real thing. In reality, composite is actually proven to last longer because of its design to hold up against the natural elements better than real wood. With so many positives in place for your dock, composite is a wonderful option to consider.


Let Tommy Docks know if you need help choosing what finish is right for your needs and environmental concerns! 

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