Water Activities to Help You Keep Your 2022 Health Goals
Water Activities to Help You Keep Your 2022 Health Goals


We talk about docks a lot here - and you can imagine why! One of the best parts of having a waterfront property is easy to access to a variety of activities to enjoy on the lake, pond, or ocean. There are so many ways to keep busy on the water, and some of those even just involve doing nothing at all but enjoying your surroundings. One of the best ways to stay active, however, is to find different activities to participate in that might keep you moving.

Here are a few of the best water activities to help you keep your 2022 health goals. 

Water Activities to Keep You Active in 2022

There are a lot of options here for your physical ability, so everyone can participate in some fun in the water.


One of the most beneficial water activities for your physical health is kayaking. This activity helps you engage your upper body and build real muscle within weeks of taking up the hobby.

Not to mention, any workout’s goal is to get your heart rate up. As you paddle your way across your waterfront area, you’ll find that your heart is engaged right from the start. With some easy to install kayak racks for your dock, you can store your newfound passion for staying active and outdoors easily. 


If you’ve ever tried wakeboarding, then we don’t need to convince you that it’s a workout. From holding on for stability to the way your core and lower body are engaged the entire ride, it’s a great workout. Not to mention, swimming back to the boat once you fall is a good way to engage some cardio as well.

If you’re not quite ready to wakeboard, paddle boarding might be more your speed. You can swim and engage in some arm workouts with this hobby and not worry about the daunting task of staying upright. 


How could we leave out swimming? This activity requires no real accessories or tools to take part in. That said, this activity does stress something that’s true of any water-based activity that you can use for exercise. 

A safe dock is essential for getting onto and out of the water. There is a good chance that your dock is something you maybe view as a necessary part of your property but not a priority. If your New Year’s resolution is going to get you out more on that water, you’ll want to make sure you have a safe dock to do so.

Building a dock is easy with Tommy Docks. It’s also a great way to spend these colder months if you’re in a part of the U.S. that experiences winter. If you’re someone who can’t get on the water quite yet, then reevaluating your dock’s status and health can be a good way to pass the winter months. 

Water Aerobics

Lastly, we want to highlight an option for those who might be rehabbing an injury or a bit older. Water aerobics is a great way to engage in cardio activity without harming the body too much. While you’re underwater, the stress you put on your limbs is much lighter than when you’re above water.

This can be a great option for rest days for runners, older people looking to still stay active, or people dealing with a lingering issue that they don’t want to harm with running, lifting, or other exercises. 

Have a favorite way to stay active on the water? Let us know what you like to do to meet your health goals. 

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