Best Ways to Prepare for Sudden Weather Changes While Boating
Best Ways to Prepare for Sudden Weather Changes While Boating


Even when you know the forecast, the weather can change in an instant. There are so many variables to consider when it comes to boating safely for this very reason. Overall, the best way to avoid a weather incident for you, your boat, and your friends and family is to know how to respond when sudden weather strikes and throws your plans for a loop. Here are some of the best ways to prepare for sudden weather changes while boating.  

Best Practices to Prepare for Sudden Weather Changes on the Water 

Overall, the best way to make sure you know that weather changes might occur is to always check the forecast before heading out on the water. Of course, this isn’t a foolproof method. There are always things that can change when it comes to severe or troublesome weather. For example, there could be higher winds than anticipated that end up changing the water’s vitality. While tubing or participating in other fun boating activities, that could mean an immediate change to the safety of you and your passengers. 

Always Keep Life Jackets Handy 

It doesn’t matter if every single member of your party knows how to swim; you need to have a life jacket handy for all. There are too many sudden weather changes that can impact the water that might even make a seasoned swimmer incapable of staying safe. Don’t ever assume anything when it comes to the safety of passengers. While accidents can happen, being prepared minimizes the risk as best as possible.  

Have a Safe Dock and Know Your Path to Shore 

Let’s say you notice things are starting to look dicey. It’s important to always know where your path to shore is so you can exit the water safely. That means you might be making a bit of a rushed return back to shore and exiting the boat to your dock a bit more quickly than usual. In these instances, it’s crucial that you have a dock that can support you when you need it most. If you question the condition or quality of your dock, it might be time to explore some new docks to keep you safe.  

Secure your Belongings and Doors 

When sudden weather changes begin to move the boat in ways that make control hard to recapture, you’ll want to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your belongings and passengers safe. One crucial part of that is the process of securing all belongings and doors. Of course, your belongings don’t necessarily mean as much as people. That said, you do want to ensure that nothing moves during severe weather that could impact a passenger and cause injury.  


Can you predict the weather? Not at all. All in all, there are aspects of boating that are out of your hands. What is in your control, however, is the ability to prepare ahead of time to know exactly what needs to happen in case of sudden weather changes. Taking these precautions ensures that you won’t get stuck in a situation that leaves you completely lost for what to do next.  

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