Main Benefits of Getting Boat Dock Bumper Guards
Main Benefits of Getting Boat Dock Bumper Guards


Nobody is going to live the life of a boater and never hit the dock. It happens at least once, and for some of us, it happens more often than we’d ever admitted to friends. Sometimes you’re coming in a little fast and other times you’ve got some other elements of docking distracting you. We’re not here to judge, we’re just here to help you decide whether or not getting boat dock bumper guards is a good choice. We happen to think it’s a great one. 

Bumper guards for your boat dock help keep all your boating equipment safe, including your dock itself. Here are some of the main benefits to keep in mind as you start considering picking up boat dock bumper guards for your waterfront setup.

Main Benefits of Boat Dock Bumper Guards

There is an obvious benefit to bumper guards: safety. It’s clear that slamming your boat into your dock could cause harm to your boat. As sturdy and well built as many modern boats are, they can still absorb damage when they hit the dock. Not to mention, some of the issues that come from collisions with docks aren’t noticeable right away but start to cause issues down the line. Plus, a marked-up boat is a little unflattering and somewhat embarrassing. You should be proud of your boat, not hesitant to pull it up in front of others. 

There are also safety considerations to be made for your dock itself. Depending on the state of your dock, as well as its materials, you could actually do some serious damage to the dock when you hit it hard enough. While it’s not common to see a dock smash into pieces upon a slight collision, long-term friction from boat collisions could lower the lifespan of your dock setup. That’s a headache for people who plan on using their dock for years with no plans to upgrade. 

Here’s a cool thing about the boat dock bumper guards they have nowadays: they come in actually appealing looks too. That’s right, a bumper guard isn’t going to be an eyesore on your dock and waterfront setup. In fact, some of the bumpers offered at Tommy Docks come in really appealing colors and styles. There’s even the choice in the shape of bumpers, including pipe bumpers that slip on already-installed elements of your dock as well as straight bumpers that easily attach to the side of your dock. 

Between style and safety options, there’s no reason to skip this essential accessory that keeps your dock and boat safe from harm.

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At Tommy Docks, we sell top-quality accessories for every interest and style of boaters. From color options to great designs that fit any waterfront setup, you’re in the right place if you’re looking to add a boat dock bumper guard to your dock. When it comes to safety, you don’t have to ruin the look of your dock while keeping your setup and boat safe. That’s why Tommy Docks is here; to keep you boating in style and staying safe while doing it!


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