Best Boat Dock Systems for 2021
Best Boat Dock Systems for 2021


Unless you’re an expert when it comes to your waterfront property, you’re probably just as curious as everyone else when it comes to choosing the right dock. Property owners who are decades into their summer homes and lake houses sometimes don’t even know what dock is best for their setup and location. 

That’s where we come in: Tommy Docks doesn’t just sell boat dock systems and products, but we are your go-to expert for choosing the best system for your property and needs. When it comes to picking the best dock systems for 2021,

Floating Dock Systems

A trend in dock systems the last few years has introduced the concept of floating docks to more and more people around the U.S. While they make for a sleek look, there are some things to know before heading this route. 

Because of the construction of these dock systems, floating docks offer a little less stability and capacity than other systems. Not to mention, the look of having the dock seemingly float above water is a great visual but doesn’t tend to offer the features most people have on their checklist when they start shopping around. 

Things like a wide variety of dock accessories and expansion options are a big hit with many who plan to grow their dock as time goes on. Floating systems don’t allow for as many changes as another system we like to recommend. That said, we do have an assortment of floating dock accessories and parts to ensure you’re on the right track if you choose this system.

Stationary Dock Systems

Stationary dock systems are some of the most traditional setups on the market. There’s a good reason they’ve been around for so long: they get the job done and they look great too! Tommy Docks features a number of stationary dock systems that offer durable modular designs with the flexibility to expand on in the future. 

The perk of stationary dock systems is that these stay connected to the bottom of your body of water for enhanced security and stability. If you live in an area with choppy currents or waves, these won’t ever lose out to the movement coming from the water. The stationary dock system can also come in a variety of shapes to ensure they fit your vision for what your waterfront design looks like. Plus, these are the perfect option for securing boats, water toys, and keeping everyone who will use them safely. 

Stationary docks are built to last you a long time, so you know you’re making a great choice when you go this route. Plus, if you’re curious about installation and how Tommy Docks products work, we have a great tutorial video you can watch and learn from before making your final decision about what to buy. 

Want to Learn More Before You Buy?

When it comes to choosing the right dock system that will work best, you want to be sure you’re making the right call. Even after learning about two of the most popular systems on the market, it never hurts to reach out to Tommy Docks and talk about your needs so we can set you up with the right system. 

Call or email us with questions, concerns, and anything that might make your decision easier. We’ll help you find the right system and ensure you’re set for 2021 and beyond. 

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