Installing a Dock Ladder for Your Dog

Your pup is part of the family. He’s the first in the water and the last one out. But wait. How does he get out? Ah. You need a dock ladder for dogs. 

What kind of dock steps for dogs should you buy? Once you get a doggy ladder, how do you install it on your dock? First, let’s talk about some essential factors before buying.

Things to Consider When Buying Dock Stairs for Dogs

The most important thing when choosing a dog ladder for your dock is ensuring that they are safe, and the ladder can serve its purpose of helping them get out of the water after a swim.

Here are a few things to think about to help you determine the best ladder for your dog and dock:

  • Your dog’s size and physical capabilities. - Some dogs are big, young, and super agile (check out Buddy, the ladder-climbing dog) and can safely scale steeper ladders. On the other paw, smaller or older dogs may need a more gradual incline, closer rungs, or even a ramp. 
  • Your dog’s adventurousness. - Does your dog have reasonably good intuition and a willingness to try new things? If they quickly figure out new things, spring for a ladder. If they have a hard time working up the courage for something new, maybe a ramp is your best bet.
  • Your dock’s size. - Do you have a big enough dock to accommodate a larger ladder? Or do you need to conserve space?
  • Your dock’s style and depth. - How deep is the water beneath your dock? This will affect the size of the ladder you should get.

What are your Tommy Docks dog ladder options?

The Best Dock Ladders for Dogs

The best dock ladders for dogs are the ladders that double as a ladder for humans. Two for one! Investing in a multipurpose ladder helps you maximize your dock space and accommodate all family members – including the furry ones.

Tommy Docks has a flip-up style 5-step dock stair ladder that fills with water when submerged and then drains when flipped up out of the water. It has a gradual incline and an extra wide footing area that can easily accommodate your puppers. This sturdy ladder has a non-slip surface and is resistant to cracks. You even have two colors to choose from – sandstone and granite gray

Love that my dogs can get out on their own, and I don’t have to wear lake shoes because of the wide steps👍” - David S., Verified Buyer.

So, how do you install a dog dock ladder?

How to Install a Dock Ladder for Your Dog

Installing our dog/human hybrid ladder is a snap. You can mount this heavy-duty ladder to any style of dock. All you need is ½ in. x 4 in. galvanized carriage bolts, flat washers, lock washers, and nuts under the dock. There are four holes per handle, so you’ll need a total of 8 sets of hardware. We also recommend mounting to decking with a backer board if possible. 

The distance from the top of the dock to the bottom of the ladder is 55 inches. The ladder should not touch the bottom to avoid undue stress and extend the lifetime of the ladder. 

Your dog will be charging up the ladder in no time! 

If you have any questions, just feel free to reach out

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