NinetyRight Flat Pack Fire Pit Canvas Storage Bag

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Designed to be used with NINETYRIGHT FLAT PACK FIRE PIT – STEEL – 30". This bag makes transport and storage easy with its custom-designed fit. Place firepit in the bag to transport in your vehicle without the worry of staining from ashes or debris. 

  • Designed for use with NINETYRIGHT 30" Flat Pack Fire Pit - Product #NR-SFP30 **Sold Separately**
  • Neatly packs fire pit or easy and clean transportation
  • Convenient storage with everything in one bag
  • 15 oz canvas is strong, durable & breathable
  • The pouch is 22" high by 23" wide
  • Great storage pocket in the front that is 8-1/2" deep x 8" width
  • The storage pocket is useful to store matches or lighter
  • The water-resistant cotton canvas is water, mildew, and rot-resistant
  • Velcro closure to secure firepit inside of the bag
  • Nylon handles for added strength and ease of transport

Product Number - NR-FPSB30
UPC - 724785360301