Muck Footpad 14" Square - Normal Duty (2-Pack)

Tommy DocksSKU: TD-20093-2

Sale price$72.95

Enhance Dock Stability with Tommy Docks Normal Duty Muck Footpad

  • Optimized for Soft Lake Beds: Ideal for soft or semi-soft lake bottoms up to 12 inches deep.
  • Prevent Sinking: Ensures your dock remains stable and level in mucky conditions.
  • Durable Construction: Made of 9-gauge steel with a polyester powder coating for longevity.
  • Compatible Design: Fits perfectly with Tommy Docks dock post pipes of 1.66 inches in diameter.
  • Adjustable Stability: Features a stainless steel bolt and weld nut for easy height adjustments.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Equipped with a 3/8”-16 x ¾” hex head cap screw for reliable pipe locking.
  • Packaging Options: Available in convenient 2-packs for multiple dock support needs.

    Product Number: TD-20093-2
    UPC: 724785209303

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