TechStar Mold For Floating Dock Anchor

Tommy DocksSKU: AF-250

Sale price$120.00

Convenient Anchor Mold can hold up to 3 bags of concrete mix, or about 250 pounds. Once set Anchor can be rolled into place.  

  • After your cement is set, you can tip it up with a 2 x 4 or the handgrips conveniently located on the bottom at each side.
  • The molded hole in the center of the molds allows for the anchor chain to be looped through for an easy connection of your chain through the middle.
  • Once it is on its end, the anchor can be rolled to its destination.
  • Does not include chain or concrete mix.
  • The molded hole allows an easy connection of your chain through the middle.
  • 24" diameter x 10" high
  • 10 pounds (Shipping Weight) (Before adding cement)
  • Use with ANCB7

Product Number: AF-250

UPC: 724785000023

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