FLEXX® Floating Dock Pipe Guide

Tommy DocksSKU: TDFX-208

Sale price$229.00

Upgrade Your Dock Effortlessly with the Tommy Docks FLEXX Floating Dock Pipe Guide

  • Seamless Integration: Includes all essential hardware, ensuring a perfect fit with your FLEXX floating dock.
  • Customization Friendly: Easily adaptable with your own pipes, caps, and auger feet for a personalized docking experience. This pipe guide is designed to hold 2" OD pipe.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from molded polyethylene, these brackets resist binding during water level fluctuations, unlike their metal counterparts.
  • Noiseless Performance: Promotes a tranquil dock atmosphere with its smooth, quiet operation, unlike noisier alternatives.

Product Number: TDFX-208
UPC: 724785208009

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