Auger Foot - Heavy Duty

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Tommy Dock Heavy Duty Auger Foot - Essential Stability for Your Dock

  • Enhanced Stability: Provides exceptional support in various lake bottom conditions.
  • Deep Penetration: Easily anchors into solid soils beneath soft lake bottoms.
  • Durable Coating: Features a gray polyester powder coat for superior rust resistance.
  • Secure Fastening: Equipped with two stainless steel set bolts and a 3/8”-16 x ¾” hex head screw for reliable pipe locking.
  • Easy Installation & Removal: Designed for straightforward screwing in and out of lake beds.
  • Compatibility: Specifically for use with Tommy Docks Heavy Duty dock post pipes (1.90-inch diameter), including SKUs TD-20039, TD-20041, TD-20043, and TD-20045.
  • Special Tool Suggestion: Consider the Tommy Dock's auger wrench (TD-10085) for efficient installation and removal.
  • Limitation Note: Not suitable for salt or brackish water environments.
  • Exclusive Fit: Only compatible with 1.90-inch O.D. diameter pipes.

Product Number: TD-10014
UPC: 724785100143

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