8' Modular Aluminum Gangway with Cedar Decking

Regular price $1,169.95

8' Modular Aluminum Gangway with Cedar Decking

Regular price $1,169.95

Additional Adapters Must Be Purchased When Attaching To Flexx Floating Docks

Modular Gangway

Our DIY friendly modular gangway was designed to attach to stationary and floating boat dock systems.

Tommy Docks 8' aluminum gangway with cedar decking extends the length of your dock and can boost the safety and convenience by minimizing tripping and lifting hazards. Our gangway kit is easy to add to your shoreline with intuitive DIY instructions and no cutting required for assembly. This great all-in-one kit is constructed from high-quality cedar and durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and hardware. Our gangways can be used in conjunction with either our stationary or Flexx floating docks.

What's Included

Additional adapters must be purchased when attaching to Flexx and Tommy Docks frames (purchased after 04/2023).

This DIY gangway kit includes the following components:

(2) 4 ft. x 4 ft. gangway frame kit #TD-30500

(2) 4 ft. x 4 ft. cedar drop-in kit #TDD-308CED

(1) Gangway hinge #TD-30506


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Additional Information

Product Number: TDGWC-30521

UPC: 724785305210

6 durable decking options to choose from. Available in 4’, 8’, or 12’ lengths. This item is the 8' gangway with cedar decking. Each unsealed and unstained cedar board is 1“ thick by 46-5/8" long by 5-1/2" wide. This cedar requires sealing every 1-2 years to maintain. The drop-in panel is intended for use with Tommy Dock frames only. Dock attachments sold separately. Tommy Docks hardware is not intended for use in brackish or salt waters.

Assembly & Installation

Assembly And Installation Instructions For Many Of Tommy Docks Products Are Available For Download.

Video Guides Are Not Available For Every Product. However, Our Video Library Is Constantly Expanding. If You Have Questions On Assembling Or Installing Your Dock, Please Contact Our Customer Service Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can Tommy Docks gangway support?

Tommy Docks gangways have a remarkable capacity of 600 lbs. at 4’ and 8’. However, when the length of the gangway is increased to 12' the capacity is reduced to 400 lbs.

Is the gangway compatible with floating and stationary docks?

The gangway is an all-in-one solution for universal installation. Additional adapters are required for installation on Flexx and Tommy Docks frames (purchased after 4/23). These adapters are sold separately, so make sure you have them on hand before beginning installation. 

What size gangway do I need for my waterfront?

When adding a gangway, it’s important to consider a slope ratio of 3-1 or 4-1. This means for every foot of drop your waterfront has, you should anticipate needing 3’ or 4’ of the gangway. Depending on variables such as water level fluctuation and intended use, it is important to take these into account when deciding which slope ratio is the best for your application. If the water level fluctuation is greater than normal, then a 4-1 ratio might be the best option for your dock or waterfront. If the dock or waterfront is intended for light use, then a 3-1 slope ratio should be sufficient. It is important to carefully consider the conditions of your waterfront or dock before deciding which slope ratio is best.