16 ft. L-Style with 8 ft. x 8 ft. Platform Section Aluminum Frame with Cedar Decking Complete Dock Package

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TOMMY DOCKS have great do-it-yourself durable modular designs with the flexibility to expand on in the future. TOMMY DOCKS 16 ft. Platform Style aluminum frame with cedar decking complete dock package was designed with our customer in mind. This great all in one kit is constructed from high-quality cedar, durable aluminum frame and corrosion resistant hardware. No cutting required for assembling. Package includes following components.

  • Three 4 ft. x 8 ft. aluminum frame kits #TD-40008

  • 6-cedar decking panels #TDD-308CED

  • Three 4 ft. corrosion resistant superior dock pipes #A-50015

  • Four 6 ft. corrosion resistant superior dock pipes #A-50017

  • 3-gray polyester powder coat paint outside corner brackets #A-50000

  • 3-gray polyester powder coat paint straight brackets #A-50001

  • 1-gray polyester powder coat paint inside corner brackets #A-50002

  • 7-gray powder coat paint footpads #A-50005

  • 7-PVC safety caps #A-50007

All dock packages delivered by common carrier, the off loading of product is the responsibility of customer. Please include a phone contact number for us to provide common carrier when delivering.

Product Number: TDLAC-40034