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Footpad 8" Diameter - Normal Duty (2-Pack)

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Tommy Docks Normal Duty Foot Pad secures your dock's pipe firmly to the lake bottom to prevent settling. The 8-inch diameter footpad is constructed from 10-gauge steel. For superior rust protection, the footpads are coated in gray polyester powder coat paint. 

  • Attaches firmly to the bottom of the dock post pipe with a stainless-steel set bolt and weld nut on pipe sleeve to allow for adjustment year after year without rusting and seizing.

  • Suggested to use with the corrosion-resistant Tommy Docks Normal Duty 1-1/4-inch pipe (outside diameter of 1.66 in) superior dock pipe for added longevity.

  • Supports the dock post when the lake bottom consists of firm soil or sandy bottom.

  • Stainless Steel set bolt and hexnut.

  • Not suggested for salt or brackish waters

  • Two-Pack

Product Number: A-50005-2

UPC: 724785500059