Auger Foot - Heavy Duty

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Tommy Dock Heavy Duty 8 in. Long Cast Steel Auger Foot is designed to attach to your dock post pipe and screw into the lake bottom, providing added stability in most lake bottom conditions. Generally suggested use of auger feet is required when soft soil or mud conditions extend more than 24” in depth or when rough water conditions are prevalent. 

  • Provides dock system with added stability

  • Penetrates soft soils in lake bottoms to anchor into solid soils

  • Gray polyester powder coat protects the surface for superior rust protection

  • Two stainless steel set bolts

  • 3/8”-16 x ¾” hex head cap full threaded screw to lock on the pipe

  • Screws easily in and out of lake bottoms

  • Not suggested for use in salt or brackish waters

  • Additional suggested purchase of Tommy Dock's auger wrench - (both normal duty or heavy-duty) Part number TD-10085, It is a valuable convenience tool that assists in installation and removal of dock post pipe and augers

  • Use with Tommy Docks - Heavy Duty - dock post pipe of 1.90-inches in diameter.  The pipe SKU's are TD-20039, TD-20041, TD-20043TD-20045

  • ONLY works with a 1.90-inch O.D. diameter pipe

Product Number: TD-10014
UPC: 724785100143