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24 in. x 48 in. x 18 in. Wheel Float Dock System Float Drum

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This unique wheeled float with its large 750-pound capacity 24" diameter flotation filled wheel allows you to roll your dock into and out of the water. Compatible with any style of dock whether it is constructed out of wood or aluminum framing. Each Wheel Float has a flotation capacity of 575 pounds and is 48" long X 24" wide X 18" tall. (Wheel extends below the float 10" for an overall height of 28"). The wheel is built directly into the float with a 1 7/8" diameter aluminum axle. Whether you are building a new dock or would like to turn your existing dock into an easy to install and remove floating dock, the wheel Float is the answer!

  • Recommended Fasteners: 5/16" x 3 1/2lag bolts 6/float - Plus 6 x 5/16" flat washers, lock washers per float.
  • Makes installing and removing floating docks easy
  • Works with any dock style and dock material
  • Easy to attach to any dock, the float has 6 mounting holes for attachment
  • Compatible with both Tommy Docks wood and aluminum frame docks

Product Number: WF-18

UPC: 724785777734

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