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Muck Footpad 14" Square - Heavy Duty

Regular price $36.95

Tommy Docks Heavy Duty Muck Footpad is designed for use as a base with the Tommy Docks dock post pipe for soft or semi-soft lake bottoms where the soft lake bottom soils do not exceed 12 in. in-depth. Keeps your dock from sinking in soft soils once it settles. Reduces the need for constant readjustment of dock height due to sinking. 

  • Polyester powder coated 9 gauge steel construction 
  • 14 in. square dome-shaped muck footpad 
  • Use with Tommy Docks dock post pipe of 1.90 in. in diameter 
  • Stainless steel adjusting bolt and weld nut allows for regular adjustment if required

Product Number: TD-20092

UPC: 724785200928