Top Accessories for Your Dock During the Fall Season
Top Accessories for Your Dock in Fall

No matter what the season, adding a few accessories to your dock can make it more functional and fun to use. There are tons of different accessories on the market, which can make it challenging to decide what you need and what you can pass up. While moving into fall, you may not need the same accessories that you used during the summer. However, that doesn’t mean that certain accessories can’t elevate your experience each time you go out on the dock. 

Below are a few of the products that will be massive hits on your dock this fall. Some of them will keep the dock tidy, others will keep people on the dock safe, and all will add extra value to your current dock.

LED Lighting 

Whether you’re socializing with friends on your dock or heading back to it after a day on the water, proper lighting is essential. LED lighting can make it much easier to secure and clean up all the items on the dock. Not only is this a practical dock accessory, but it also keeps individuals using the dock safe after dark. Children, friends, and other family members can enjoy an illuminated walk back to the house without worrying about injuries. 

There are many LED lighting systems to choose from, so you’ll need to consider your priorities when selecting one. For instance, some are submersible, so they won’t malfunction if water reaches them. Others have long battery life and added visual distance. You can also choose the level of brightness you need and look for durable materials for the best results.

Paddleboard and Kayak Racks 

Even when the season turns to autumn, there are often days in some locations where the water is still warm enough to take out a kayak. For those who love using paddleboards or kayaks, racks designed to hold them make an excellent accessory choice to add to your current boat dock. The racks help save space so that there’s still plenty of room on the dock to socialize or do other things. 

Having a kayak and paddleboard rack also means there’s no need to lug those items out to the dock every time you want to use them. This makes it more likely that those items will be used. The racks also prevent scratching and chipping to kayaks compared to storing them on a beach or shoreline. The best kayak racks let you store several small boats together without touching while offering protection from bad weather.

High-Quality Cleats and Lines 

One of the best ways to prevent accidents and keep your dock organized is by keeping all your lines tidy. Selecting quality lines that are made of durable materials helps prevent weathering or kinks in the lines. Choosing a double braid line will also offer additional resistance to abrasion and controlled elongation. Nylon is widely considered the best material for dock lines since it’s built to last in adverse conditions. 

The other half of the equation comes down to dock cleats. These come in a variety of materials ranging from durable plastic to nearly indestructible metal. Cleats are used for tying off boats and other watercraft to the dock. The metal option is going to last longer, but it tends to be a bit more expensive. Plastic or other materials may break over time but are often less expensive than other types.

Stairs and Ladders 

Ladders and stairs to get up onto and off of a dock are crucial accessories for anyone who owns a dock. The great thing about these accessories is that they come in many different designs and configurations, so you can select the one that works best for your budget and boating needs. When choosing ladders or stairs, you want to decide what length it needs to be. Then you can consider how many steps you prefer to have. 

Traditional ladders are common choices for a home dock, as are swing ladders and angled ladders. Swing ladders can be pulled off of the water when they aren’t being used. They also tend to be simple to install and can be removed to store during the winter. Angled ladders are comfortable to climb and often include anti-slip treads to prevent tripping.

Under Grill Mats 

In locations where you might not be out on the water, but you still want to spend time on the dock, having a barbecue grill is an excellent idea. When you have family members or friends over, everyone can hang out and enjoy great food and drink while catching up with each other. An under grill mat is an accessory that makes barbecuing on a dock safer. It also prevents making a mess that needs to be cleaned up later on. 

The best barbecue grill mats are going to have a nonslip surface that ensures your grill stays in place even when the water is shifting underneath the dock. The mat goes right underneath the grill to catch grease splatter or bits of food and is much easier cleaned than washing down an entire dock. There’s no need to worry about ruining your dock when having a barbecue since the area is literally covered.

Extra Hardware for Maintenance 

Anywhere you can get dock accessories, you’ll likely also find a selection of extra hardware and components. A hardware kit designed for docks can be left at the dock and used when something needs tightened up, moved, or altered as fall rolls in. If you have a floating dock that you remove in winter, having the right hardware and tools is necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

If you’re looking to add some accessories to your dock this autumn, Tommy Docks has all the products you need. Everything mentioned on this list is available, along with many accessories we didn’t have room to include. Find boat ramp kits, safety caps, dock bumpers, and more by perusing the store. And if you’re looking to get a dock, you can check out the website for all your options!

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