DIY boat dock on water

You are finally ready to install your new boat dock. Now, you’re faced with a big decision: hire professionals to get the job done, or go the DIY route and install the dock yourself. 

In this article, We will discuss the pros and cons of DIY boat kits and see which option fits you best. 

Pros of a DIY Boat Dock

Building your own boat dock with a DIY boat dock kit is a breeze if you have some skill or experience handling your own building projects, but less experienced people can still get the job done. Let’s look at three benefits you receive from building the boat dock yourself. 

You Can Work on Your Schedule 

When you build the boat dock yourself, you decide how quickly or slowly the project gets completed. This allows you to put your own care and concentration into the project, avoiding the potential of someone else cutting corners and not paying as much attention to detail. Of course, you also have the satisfaction of knowing that you completed the dock yourself. 

You Can Do Your Own Maintenance 

You will feel more comfortable doing your own repairs, as you were the one responsible from start to finish. In addition, you will be better equipped to make the repairs as you know exactly how and where you attached all the brackets, sleeves, and floats. This will save you money as you will not have to pay someone else to come and do any repairs/maintenance on the dock. 

You Will Save Money on Labor

You can save money with a DIY boat kit if you have the required skills. As was mentioned above, installing your own dock will not only save you money on maintenance but will also save money on the initial installation as you will not need to pay someone to build your dock. You can then take that money and invest it in other things. 

Cons of a DIY Boat Dock 

Not everyone is good with their hands or have time to spend building, so it may be worth looking into getting a professional to handle the whole process. 

Below are reasons you might consider refraining from purchasing a DIY boat dock. 

No Scheduled Start and Finish Time 

Working on your own schedule might end up taking significantly longer with a DIY boat dock, however, If you use a professional team of dock builders, they should be able to complete the project within a specific deadline. However, they may not pay as much attention to detail as you would because you’d be just another customer with a deadline to meet. 

Your Waterfront Could be Extremely Unique

Not every location lends itself to a DIY project. For example, if you have a steep shoreline, it's advisable to call professionals. You may have tried installing a dock in the past and run into some issues. This is another instance where it might be best to get a professional opinion. 

Limited Designs

You may not be able to choose as many designs as the DIY kits are usually not custom. A professional company would be able to custom-design a dock for you. 

Tommy Docks’ DIY Boat Docks Are Easier Than You Might Think!

While building your own dock might not be for everyone, for people with some extra time who want to save money doing it themselves, Tommy Docks can send you complete boat dock packages that allow you to easily build your own dock. This allows you to customize the color and feel of the dock to your liking without having to pay extra for a company to do it for you. Check out the top-of-the-line DIY boat dock kits that we have been selling for over 35 years.

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