The Best Dock Accessories to Add Now

Your dock is an incredible asset. It allows you to easily access the water, provides a place where you can sit and relax, and more. However, you might find that there are things that your dock just doesn’t really excel at, and the right dock accessories can make a very big difference. 

You’ll find a wide range of options out there, from comfort-related options to novelty items, but which are the best dock accessories? While there’s nothing set in stone, we’ve pulled together a list of the best dock accessories to add right now.


Dock Storage 

There are so many little odds and ends that you need to keep up with around the water and on your boat. Some of those things might have a permanent home on the boat, but many others will not. Dock storage provides you with a place to keep those items that don’t fit anywhere else, or that you only need to use at certain times. You can even add a touch of style or color to your dock, as you’ll find dock boxes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to help suit your needs. As a note, make sure to get a storage box that locks so you can store valuables there without having to worry about them.

Dock Bumpers 

Who hasn’t cringed as their boat bumped just a little too hard into the dock? Many of us have been there. We’ve also caused some pretty substantial damage to the boat or the dock unintentionally. Dock bumpers are accessories that can help you mitigate that damage. Made from rubber, they mount to the edge of the dock and help to shield both it and your boat from damage. You’ll find different lengths, sizes, thicknesses, and colors too, so you can easily choose just the right options for your setup.

Dock Ladders 

This dock accessory won’t be for everyone, but quite a few people will find them beneficial. Dock ladders give you a simpler way to get back onto the dock from the water – if you’ve ever been swimming from your dock, even fallen in the water while trying to tie up, you know how challenging it can be to get back out. A ladder offers a simple, effective, bolt-on way tdo do just that. As a note, it’s wise to go with an aluminum ladder to help withstand weathering without the worry of rust with ferrous metals.

Dock Chairs and Tables 

Whether you love the classic Adirondack-style chair or want something different, you’ll find a ton of chairs that can be added to your dock. That gives you a place to sit and enjoy the feel of the sun on your face or to listen to the birds in the trees even if you’re not taking the boat out. Pair your chairs with a table and you’ve got an impromptu place for a morning cup of coffee or even a family picnic. You’ll find chairs and tables in sizes to suit almost any dock, from bistro-sized sets to entire picnic tables that will fit the whole family.

Racks for Storage 

While larger boats will require a boat lift, that’s not the case with smaller watercraft. However, you do need a place to put them when they’re not in use – leaving them tied to the dock is usually not a good idea. Enter watercraft racks! 

Usually made from aluminum, but sometimes from wood, these racks give you a convenient place to store smaller watercraft like kayaks and canoes when they’re not in use. You’ll also find racks designed for use both on the dock and on the shore so you can easily suit any size space.

Dock Lights 

Have you ever struggled to tie off your boat in the evening? Missed something while loading up in the pre-dawn gloom? Wished that you had a light so you could use your dock during the evening hours? Dock lights are the solution. 

There are lots of different options out there, and most of them add to your safety, the usability of your dock, and the ambiance. While you’ll find different styles, construction materials, and even light colors out there, keep a few things in mind here: 

  • Make sure the lights are rated for outdoor use. 
  • Make sure that the lights are bright enough for your intended usage.
  • Buy more than one light – a single light doesn’t provide as much illumination as you might think. 
  • Choose a style that you love, whether that’s a pagoda-style fixture or something modern and minimalist. 
  • Consider more than one type of light – lamps combined with under-railing lights can add unique character to your dock.

A Dock Stereo System 

Music makes everything better, and while you can certainly lug speakers back and forth between the house and the dock, a dedicated stereo system designed for outdoor use gives you a full-time source of music and fun. You’ll find that most of today’s systems offer some pretty impressive capabilities and features, including Bluetooth connectivity, waterproof operation, the ability to chain together with other speakers, and more. As with your lights, make sure that the stereo system/speakers you choose are rated for outdoor use so that they’ll hold up to the exposure. 

A Flagpole

Whether you want to show your patriotism by flying the American flag, cut loose with a Conch Republic flag, go the pirate route, or something else, a flag pole is key. Make sure that your flagpole is rated for outdoor use (preferably in a maritime environment).

What’s Your Pick?

As you can see, there are plenty of great dock accessories out there. Whether you want to expand your outdoor dining space, add a little light and music, show your patriotism, or have a more practical need for additional storage, there’s something here for you!

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