How to Turn Your Boat Dock into an Excellent Entertainment Space
How to Turn Your Boat Dock into an Excellent Entertainment Space


Is there anything better than spending a beautiful day near the water with your friends? Many people enjoy heading out in their boat, anchoring down for a few hours, and swimming, snacking and socializing with a few friends. If this sounds like heaven on earth to you, you probably already have one or more boat docks to protect and store your watercraft. 

Even though a day out on a boat sounds like a lot of fun, there isn’t always enough entertainment there for everyone. If you want to really have fun with friends and loved ones, your boat dock can be a part of the experience. There are dozens of boat dock accessories available on the market that let you have a great time that you want, no matter what time of day it is.

Have Space to Feed Your Friends 

If you’re spending the day near the water, you’re likely to get hungry at some point. Making a feast for you and your friends is a great option and it doesn’t mean that you have to head back inside your home to prepare a meal. Instead, why not install a fire pit at your dock? This gives you the option of cooking under the sun or stars while you chat with friends and take breaks to jump into the water. 

There are many types of fire pits to choose from. Some use wood while others use propane. Consider a metal-based fire pit and look for one with sides so coals and paper don’t fly out and cause injuries. This is even more important if you have wooden boat docks. 

Add More Fun with a Ramp 

When you own a boat dock, something that can ramp up the entertainment level is having a ramp. It can be used for boats or jet skis and makes it easier to launch watercraft. The best part is that you can get a DIY ramp kit and put it together on your own. This is an inexpensive method of really amplifying the fun your dock offers you and all of your guests. 

When you have a boat ramp, you can ensure that even those who are less experienced with boats get the watercraft out without any accidents. You can get your boat into the water quickly so you can start your day off fast and enjoy every moment you have on the water.


Create Room for Relaxation 

Assuming you have installed boat dock kits that are large enough, adding in some permanent seating can be a good choice. This lets people get comfortable in between boating, swimming, and sipping drinks. Adding in one or two benches lets people spend time however they want, including simply taking a break in a space that is relaxing and rejuvenating. 

In many cases, these boat dock accessories are added to the corners of the dock so everyone can sit together. For those with a dock that has multiple levels, benches can be added to the bottom level so people can use them to put on safety gear and swimming garments before getting on a boat or jumping into the water. Either way, a bench or two can make a huge difference to the quality of life in your dock.


Keep Things Bright and Well-Lit 

Docks need light if you plan to use them after dark. However, there are so many options that it can be tricky to decide what is right for your needs. Many experts and boating enthusiasts recommend going with solar dock lights since they are specifically made to offer light at night without making things too bright during the day. It gives you the best of both worlds so you can entertain guests without worrying about the time of day. 

One tip that we want to recommend is purchasing a couple of extra lights to store somewhere. This will be useful if a light burns out or stops working so you don’t have to worry about ordering a new one and waiting for it to come in. For those without a lamp post on a dock, solar dock lights are a great way to illuminate the boat at night.


Stay Cool with a Retractable Umbrella 

If you live somewhere that gets hot, you want to make sure you and your guests can stay cool no matter what season it is. An aesthetically pleasing canopy or umbrella is something you can set up during hot weather and take down when it starts to get a little cooler. These umbrellas come in many shapes and sizes so you can place them in whatever location works for you. Some are made for use with tables and chairs while others are larger and can cover a huge part of the dock. 

Whether you go with a traditional umbrella or a modern canopy, you’ll stay cool even when the sun is beating down. Make sure when you select the right option that it’s made to be mounted on a flat surface. From there, consider the size and design that works best for your boat dock vision.


Make Room for Personal Belongings 

Once you have the basics sorted out like lighting, a place to cook, and space to relax, you’re well on your way to a dock that will be the entertainment hot spot for your group of friends. You also want to be sure that everyone who visits the dock has somewhere to store their belongings while out on the boat, riding on a jet ski, or taking a lazy ride around on a paddleboard. 

When you install storage bins as dock accessories, each guest can put their important items in a secure space. Consider bins that have locks so everything is safe until it is removed. Basic bins can also be installed for things like fishing gear, watersports items, and other items that might otherwise become unorganized and lost.


Enjoy Your Dock for Boating, Fishing, and So Much More 

Creating a dock that is made for entertainment isn’t as hard as it might sound the first time you think about it. Just adding a fire pit or a boat ramp can be a good first step. Once you get going, you can add other boat dock accessories as they become needed. The important thing is that the space fits your needs and makes it possible to have a lot of fun with the people you care about.

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