How to Level Your Dock with a Winch Dock Leveling System

Have you ever wondered how a dock leveler works? Tommy docks is here to demystify the process of getting your fixed dock perfectly level — and all without getting in the water. 

Let’s talk about how you can make quick work of leveling your doc and what tools you’ll need. Here’s a crash course in using a dock leveler. First, let’s talk about winches.

What is a Dock Leveler? 

A dock leveling winch is a crank tool designed to help you level your dock. It’s a hand-powered pulley system that fits over the dock supports and allows you to either lift or lower the dock. 

There are different designs of dock winches, but let’s highlight the features of the Tommy Docks winch leveling system and what makes it worth the investment.

Features of the Tommy Docks Winch Leveling System include:

  • Bright zinc chromate plated - “Zinc plating is typically used for screws and other small fasteners, light switch plates, and various small parts that will be exposed in interior or mildly corrosive conditions. For use in moderate or severe environments, the materials must be chromate-conversion coated for additional corrosion protection,” explains the American Galvanizers Association
  • Versatile fitting - The winch works with any 1 ½” pipe with an outside diameter of 1.9” or less. 
  • Nylon webbing straps - This low-profile winch may look small, but it can hold up to a whopping 500 pounds.
  • Low-profile design - The compact design makes this winch easy to store and keep on hand for regular dock adjustments. 

DIY dock-builders have dubbed our dock leveling winch as an indispensable tool. Take a look at a couple of reviews from verified buyers.

Makes keeping up with lake water levels so much easier. Does not require 2 person lifting.” - Dave C.

This accessory, along with an already great dock system, makes it very easy to maintain and adjust our dock. Thanks, Tommy Dock! For years I've been making adjustments to changing water levels by getting in the water. I can now do it so much more easily from on the dock itself.” - Richard B.

Now, let’s outline the steps for putting this heavy-lifting winch to work. 

How to Use the Tommy Docks Winch Leveling System

As the above reviews mention, using our winch leveling system is a breeze. You won’t need a second person, and you don’t even have to get wet. 

Here’s how it’s done:

7 Steps to using a Tommy Docks Winch Leveling System:

  1. Lower the winch lock lever onto a dock support pipe
  2. Turn the winch lock leveler handle to lower the strap with the L-bracket
  3. Place the L-bracket underneath the deck rail (the frame of the dock)
  4. Run the winch lock leveler handle to raise the deck until level
  5. Adjust and tighten the bracket attached to the support pipe to hold it in place
  6. Remove the winch lock lever
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 with the remaining support pipes, leveling one post at a time until the deck is perfectly level.

With our leveler system, you’ll be able to keep your dock level all season. It will help you adapt to changing water levels, extending the life of your dock and saving you from diving into the water in less-than-perfect conditions. 

Beyond that, the dock leveling winch can team up with our AP-12 dock floats to allow for even easier installation, removal, and maintenance of your dock. 

Ready to commit? Seal the deal on your Winch Leveling System today! 

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