Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything (Or Asks for Nothing)
Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything (Or Asks for Nothing)


If you’re working on your holiday shopping, then chances are you know exactly who we’re talking about in the title. Everyone has a guy in their life who has everything. You rack your brain for hours trying to figure out what to get them, but they seem to have it all. Worse yet, they don’t ask you for anything or give you ideas!  

It might be your Dad, a spouse, or a loved one, but no matter who it is you still want to get them something they’ll love. Have no fear! Here are three ideas for gifts to give the guy who has everything! 

Flat Pack Fire Pit for On-The-Go Fun 

Especially in the colder months, a fire pit can be what you need to move the parties and gatherings outside to get some fresh air. Guys who have everything might not have a portable fire pit they can bring camping, to tailgates, or other outdoor events.  

Plus, this fire pit is designed to keep the flame off the ground so you can put it anywhere there’s room to build an outdoor fire. Still not convinced? It’s designed to flatten for mobility so you can store it in a truck or garage for when the time is right! It’s unique enough that the guys in your life might not have it but practical enough that it will get put to good use. 

Whiskey for Two Decanter and Glasses 

Okay, you might not know what your friend or family member’s favorite whiskey is, but they probably want a nice way to display and drink it right? Well, look no further than a nice decanter and glasses set

For those who like a good spirit around the holidays, allow the guys in your life to drink in style and ensure that they have a bar display they can be proud of! It might not be something they planned on buying, but you know it will be put to good use! 

Floating Shelf Brackets 

Last but not least, we’re going extra practical for this final gift. Guys can be very particular about the way they display things, so you might not be fully ready to give them a full shelving unit. That said, floating shelves are a huge hit for workspaces, indoor decor arrangements, and plenty of other places someone might want a sleek place to put a shelf.  

Floating shelf brackets give your gift recipient the freedom to buy a shelf they love but maneuver it into a sleek, floating display. Plus, if you have friends or family who like to build things, they can design their own shelf that works with these brackets for the perfect DIY project and gift.  

Let us know what you decide to gift those tough-to-buy-for guys in your life! Happy holidays! 

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