Dock Ladders and Other Popular Accessories
Dock Ladders and Other Popular Accessories



Are you getting your dock ready for boating season? If so, it’s time to think about dock ladders and other popular accessories. You can add these accessories to your dock to get the most out of the boating season. Let’s go over some of the most popular boat dock accessories that you can purchase today.

Dock Ladders – One of the Most Popular Accessories

You might be surprised by all the options you have when it comes to boat dock ladders. Stationary ladders are the standard option. These ladders stay locked in place, so a portion is submerged in the water at all times. Lifting ladders slide up vertically, so you can lift them above the water when not in use. Then, flip-up and swing ladders rotate at an angle when you lift them out of the water.

All three are excellent options and come with extra features, such as wide steps and anti-skid tread. You can also find dock ladders made of durable materials such as aluminum and polyethylene. These materials can easily handle water and marine life, so you can expect your ladder to last for a long time.  

LED Lighting

LED lighting is among the most popular accessories right now. Adding LED lights to your dock can increase safety in an instant. That’s not all, either. LED lights also add ambiance to your boat dock and make it easier to hang out at night.

There are lots of LED lighting options, but solar lights are the easiest to install and maintain. Because they operate on solar power, you don’t need an electrician to set them up for you. You can set them up and start using them immediately, without the hassle that comes with other types of lights.

Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are in high demand every boating season. Bumpers are basically fenders for boat docks. You attach them to the dock, and then they absorb the shock if anything collides with the boat dock. Boat dock bumpers can also prevent damage if you accidentally hit the dock with your boat.

Under Grill Mats

If you plan on entertaining friends and family on your boat dock, a grill is a must. There’s a big problem, though. The grease from the grill can make your boat dock slippery, which is a safety hazard. You can avoid this problem with an under-grill mat. It goes right under the grill and catches the mess. Then, you just clean the mat when you’re done grilling.  

Along with keeping everyone safe, the mat will also protect your dock from wear and tear. Grease and grime can wreak havoc on a boat dock, so this is a great way to extend its life.

Kayak and Paddleboard Racks

Do you like to go out on the water on your kayak or paddleboard? If so, you are likely looking for an easy way to store your kayak or paddleboard when it is not in use. You can add a kayak and paddleboard rack to your boat dock for easy storage. The mountable rack is designed to hold kayaks, paddleboards, and paddles when not in use. You can just grab your paddleboard or kayak when you need it and then put it on the rack when you’re done. Then, it will be ready for you to use next time.

Island Pads

If you want to stay on top of the latest boat dock accessory trends, consider getting an Island Pad. This foam pad will help your family have hours of fun in the water. Simply roll the pad out in the water and let the fun begin. You don’t have to inflate or deflate it, so it’s easy to use. Your family can lounge and play on the pad, and when you finish, roll it up and put it on your dock. While this is a hit with kids, adults love it, too. In fact, you might find yourself asking your kids to move over and let the adults have some fun.

Shop for the Top Dock Accessories Today

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