Best Ways to Prepare Your Dock for Winter Weather
Best Ways to Prepare Your Dock for Winter Weather


If you’re not seeing snow yet, then you can assume it’s on the way for most of the United States. In major areas where a lot of lakefront property is well populated, winter storms can wreak havoc on your boat dock. Best to be prepared no matter what, even if you only see freezing temps and not too much snowfall. 

So, where can you start to make sure you’re good to go for the upcoming season? Now that we’re officially in winter, here are some of the best ways to prepare your dock for the cold season. 

Store All Accessories for the Winter 

If you have accessories for your boat dock, make sure you keep them stored away for the winter. That could mean anything from chairs and dock benches to tables and watercraft accessories.  You don’t want to leave anything out in case a freeze could cause damage. While something like a cup holder isn’t all that expensive, it could freeze to your dock causing issues for something much more costly to fix. 

Tie Your Floating Dock Up 

If you have a floating dock, be sure to tie it up ahead of the winter. While the lake might freeze, it’s not always the case that winter weather will end up keeping your dock in place. Winter storms can bring high winds that could really send you into crisis mode should your dock become unattached to your waterfront property. Make sure to remove any anchors from the water as well and consider removing your dock from the water altogether if possible. 

Enlist Some Extra Eyes If You’re Going Away 

When it comes to winter weather, some are lucky enough to be able to head somewhere warmer for the season. If you fall into that category, make sure to have someone watch your dock for the winter. They don’t have to check it every day but be sure to have a friendly set of eyes to watch for things that might damage your dock. Have them let you know if they see something concerning, and see if they’ll even offer to help until you get back to your property.  

Cleaning Your Boat Dock for Winter 

If you don’t have a dock boat cleaner, get one. The chemicals that you use with these cleaners can help to protect against issues that can be caused by freezing and ice. For example, mold and fungus that develop with ice-cold temperatures can lead to the rotting of your dock. With the right cleaner handy, however, you can make sure you have nothing on your dock ahead of winter in case something harmful freezes onto your dock for an extended period of time. 

Assess your Waterproofing Now 

Before you get your first significant snowfall or freeze, make sure to check your dock’s waterproofing. If the condition of your dock is in need of some help, then be sure to apply another coat of waterproofing ahead of tricky winter weather.  

This is certainly going to be helpful come snow or ice, which can elongate your dock’s ability to dry properly and lead to warping and other issues that shorten the longevity of your dock.  

Happy holidays and have a safe winter! 

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