FLEXX® Cleat Kit

Tommy DocksSKU: TD-30525

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Revolutionize Your Waterfront Experience with Flexx

  • Effortless Accessory Integration: Attach accessories seamlessly with the Flexx Flat Face Connector Kit - no drilling required.
  • Complete Kit for Easy Assembly: Includes 6" Nylon Dock Cleat and 1 Flat Face Connector Kit.
  • Modular Design for Customization: Tailor your floating swim platform or dock system with Flexx’s adaptable, modular structure.
  • Expandable to Fit Any Need: Easily reconfigure or enlarge your dock, perfect for boat docks and slip-resistant swim platforms.
  • DIY-Friendly: Install and customize your dock independently, without needing professional assistance.
  • Ultimate Versatility and Convenience: Opt for Flexx for a user-friendly, adaptable, and fully customizable waterfront solution.

Product Number: TD-30525
UPC: 724785305258

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